Hezbollah is deploying its forces on two fronts, preparing for war with Israel and waiting for the signal

According to the US “Daily Best” website, the Lebanese Hezbollah began preparations for the war with Israel, against the backdrop of escalating tension between Iran and the United States in the Gulf.

The website said in a report published Friday that Hezbollah had begun to redeploy its troops to the Israeli border, not in Lebanon but in Syria, especially in areas adjacent to the occupied Golan.

The website quoted Hezbollah elements as saying that the party was suffering from US sanctions imposed on it and its ally, Tehran, and was preparing to start fighting when it ordered Iran to do so.

The leader, who called himself Samir, and that is not his real name, because he is not authorized to speak to the media, and under his command 800 fighters at the border between Lebanon and Israel, the US sanctions make Hezbollah ready to act on the Israeli front, The first shot will be fired”.

Samir said that the new war will be different from the previous ones, adding that the positions taken by Hezbollah in the part of the Golan under the control of the Syrian government will allow him to open a second front against Israel.

The leader also pointed to Hezbollah’s increased combat capabilities in recent years, particularly through its acquisition of anti-air and anti-air missiles and aircraft, as well as the expertise gained by its fighters in Syria.

“Before the outbreak of the Syrian war, Hezbollah wanted to open a second front in the Golan”, he said.

“The Syrian government considered it a red line,” he said.

“Currently, there are no red lines”.

The leader acknowledged that the alleged war would inflict enormous destruction on both Israel and Lebanon, but US sanctions make this scenario possible, stressing that if any missile targets Iran, it will be treated as an Israeli.

The website also quoted a member of Hezbollah who fought in Syria, asserting that the fighters returning from Syria since the beginning of the escalation in the Gulf weren’t retiring but were being transferred to southern Lebanon where they were taking over new posts.

“There are still some units in Syria, but many have returned to Lebanon or to the Golan”, he said, adding that there’re thousands of elements have returned”.

The Hezbollah member, stressed that the leadership of Hezbollah sees the escalation in the Gulf as a source of a possible new conflict with Israel.

“Leaders are talking about a spark in Hormuz, and there may be a spark in Lebanon”, he said.

The website quoted three Hezbollah elements as saying that the salaries of the party’s fighters had fallen by two-fold due to US sanctions, but they still believed in its military capabilities.