China… an eye on Syria

The Nation website has published a report predicting China’s expanding role in Syria, becoming its main player, with US President Donald Trump announcing his intention to withdraw from the country.

China sees the US withdrawal as an opportunity to increase its economic influence and promote the “Belt and Road” initiative, which aims to revive the ancient Silk Road linking China, Asia and Europe.

China provided $ 23 billion in aid to the Arab region, most of which was invested in Syria, explaining that Syria is capable of providing an alternative route to the Middle East in exchange for the Suez Canal.

The port of Latakia plays a key role by reducing dependence on the canal and reducing the cost of Chinese trade With European countries.

In the same context, the website pointed out that China is preparing to be a key player in the reconstruction of Syria, recalling hosting the first reconstruction exhibition of Syria in July 2017, where it pledged to allocate $ 2 billion to establish an industrial zone.

China is the largest partner of the major Syrian oil companies.

China National Petroleum Corporation holds stake in the company, and Huawei is committed to rehabilitating the telecommunications sector in Syria by 2020.

In parallel, the website linked China’s opposition to pressure on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to step down and give foreign policy great importance to the sovereignty of Syrian territory.

China is aware that Assad will benefit from the expansion of its influence in the Middle East and the challenge of American hegemony in the region.

The website revealed that China’s support for Assad would help him become closer to Iran and Russia, noting that China had tried to strengthen its trade relations with the two countries.

The current trade war between China and the United States gave Beijing preference over Washington to strengthen its relationship with other powers, the website said.

Based on the above, the website confirmed that China stands out as a new player on the international scene, warning that its close ties with the most oil-exporting countries threaten US hegemony.

China’s transformation into the world’s largest trading hub and the strengthening of trade ties with Middle East countries are factors that help Beijing to strengthen its influence more quickly.

The site concluded that China is strengthening its association with Syria “through money, not military”, stressing that war-torn Syria is a “golden opportunity” for Chinese reconstruction companies.