Kommersant: For every dollar China made there is 100 to 200 for the United State!

“For every dollar that China earns, the United States earns $ 100 or $ 200”, the title of the Russian daily Kommersant newspaper.

The Russian newspaper interviewed, a professor from Beijing on the technological war between the two countries.

The cartoonish war between the United States and China has fallen to the background, opening the way for technological confrontation.

The Kommersant commentator Mikhail Kurostikov told the professor at Beijing University, vice president of the American-China Cultural Exchange Association, Fan Dong, and the following questions:

Can the main reason behind the failure of negotiations on the trade war between Washington and Beijing be identified?

The main problem is the domestic policy of the United States.

There are several groups out there. One of which is from persons engaged in trade, and their first objective is to reduce the trade deficit.

There are “hawks” who hate China, openly insist on a new Cold War, and are demanding that China’s development be stopped and stopped rising…

For them, trade war is only a comfortable start.

But, even solving the problem of trade imbalance, will not stop them.

Among them, racists are not ashamed to say that China is a “yellow” state and cannot be waived.

With regard to China’s industrial policy, the United States, for example, accuses it of demanding technology transfer?

United States, have a product, and have China market.

If a company wants to reach the Chinese market on a large scale, it should move its factory to China, and transfer its technological lines and canning lines there.

But they always transfer obsolete equipment and technology, and yet they make money.

All that is said is that the Chinese looted the Americans and influenced their technology, a pure lie. America has thrived thanks to the arrival of companies to the Chinese market.

For every dollar in China, America got $ 100 or $ 200.

If the trade war fails, can the two interdependent economies be separated?

This is possible.

But the question is what Washington is willing to pay.

It would be an incredibly high price.

Trade chains will collapse, with all the progress of globalization made in the past decades.

The dollar will fall to its lowest level in history.

Just because some cold War supporters wanted it.

This is a terrible scenario, but it is possible.

I’m completely against it.