Trump penetrates all red lines by sending advanced weapons to Taiwan… China calls for an immediate end to the deal

The agreement reached by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the Osaka summit of the 20 countries is only a “truce” because the differences between the two countries are high, The business will return to ignition in the near future.

The United States feels that China is the biggest threat to American hegemony over the world, and that it is the only country capable of overthrowing the United States from its leadership of the world.

The US administration felt that China had deceived them when they trusted them, and used them against the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Henry Kissinger, the former foreign minister, was the author of this theory and gave it all the secrets of technology, industry and communications.

The world’s second-largest economic power, supported by a highly advanced military industry, they, the Americans, have stirred the bait, and caught the tight trap.

The US administration is floundering, and its chairman Trump is losing his temper.

This is reflected in his government’s announcement of the sale of Taiwan, Beijing’s eternal adversary, 108 advanced Abrams tanks and 250 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles in a deal worth 2.2 billion dollars.

Naturally, the announcement of the deal would anger the Chinese leadership and express its anger by demanding that the deal be stopped immediately.

President Trump uses this deal with Taiwan as one of the strongest pressure papers he uses against China after the first round of his trade war failed, but he doesn’t know that China has no less powerful credentials, notably the Iranian paper and, to a lesser extent, the Venezuelan paper.

Trump is trying to reach a historical agreement with him.

China considers the arming of Taiwan by America a red line, but a declaration of war, a flagrant interference in its internal affairs, and no one thinks it will stand idly by in the face of this American breach of all red lines. It will respond as firmly as the Trump administration imposed taxes on Chinese imports of up to 25 Percent, about 200 billion dollars.

The ongoing conflict between China and the United States is slowly approaching the beginning of a cold war.

China and the United States have gradually become amorphous, while the experience of the previous confrontation between Moscow and Washington is humbled, because China is stronger and more stubborn, and the words are translated into action without hesitation.