Times of Israel: “Hezbollah’s secret and massive plan to invade Israel”!

The Israeli newspaper “Times of Israel” published a report based on the words of the Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” Hassan Nasrallah, last month, when he said that “Hezbollah” has the ability to “penetrate the Galilee easily”.

The newspaper asked in its report a question: How will this happen, now that the Israeli army revealed and destroyed the secret and strategic weapons of Hezbollah – the tunnels across the border – and destroyed?

The report noted that Hezbollah was already planning to operate inside Israeli territory and seize a town or a plot of land.

“Hizballah may not have another strategic weapon like tunnels, but it can be assumed that it still has an ambitious and detailed plan to occupy towns and military positions on the border”, said Avi Issacharoff, Middle East analyst at the Times of Israel. Northern Israel “.

He pointed out that: “The purpose of the tunnel project was to introduce Israel in shock, and the transfer of hundreds of elements from the “Al Radwan” commando unit into Israel to carry out various attacks.

“The name Radwan is the nickname for Imad Mughniyeh, the former military leader of Hezbollah, who was assassinated by Israel in 2008”, he said.

The Report pointed out that the components of this unit were given high priority in almost everything: budget, equipment, resources and logistics.

“Sometimes the activities of this unit are similar to those carried out by elite units in the Israeli army, such as the use of ATVs by armed soldiers or the infiltration of commando fighters into Israel under underwater vehicles”, said.

“In the absence of tunnels, the task of the Radwan unit will probably be to bring thousands of fighters secretly into Israel at the same time through several border points during the shelling of the border area, in the hope that this will embarrass the Israeli army and allow some fighters access To an Israeli border town or an Israeli military post”.

“At the moment Hezbollah hopes to carry out intensive artillery bombardment of the entire border area, as well as the use of high-caliber missiles capable of destroying targets such as military positions”, he said.

The report pointed out that “Hezbollah” “today possesses a firepower that is theoretically capable of eliminating the entire Israeli front line when issuing orders”.

“Regardless of the artillery used to provide cover for the thousands of fighters who will invade Israel, Hezbollah’s offensive plan will probably involve a logistics and intelligence apparatus, including marching aircraft that will broadcast real-time intelligence and are able to carry out attacks in a “Kamekazi” on Israeli targets”.

“The movement has a command center aimed at directing a large-scale operation along the border”.

“In recent years, Israel has built a barricade that will make the implementation of such an operation a difficult task, but the decision makers in Hezbollah believe that at least some of the fighters will be able to penetrate Israeli territory”, Avi said.

He pointed out that “it is clear to the leaders of the military wing of Hezbollah that such a process would have severe repercussions on the elements, but they see it will have significant psychological effects in Israel”.

“This operation is supposed to force the Israeli army to invest in the defense”, he said.

“Israeli public opinion is in a state of shock and creates pressure to end the fighting quickly.

One can only imagine the impact that Hezbollah’s images will have on the Israeli town of Metulla”.

Avi said: “Hezbollah’s highly ambitious military plan, poses very serious risks to the organization itself, and its leaders are aware of that”.

“Sending or trying to send thousands of the best fighters across the border could prove to be a risky venture.

It would provide an excellent opportunity for the Israeli army to destroy Hezbollah’s elite unit within hours.

And this in turn will expose the internal front of Hezbollah to counter attacks and facilitate the way the Israeli army towards a clear victory in a future war”.