The founding leaders of the Justice and Development Party are beginning rebellion against Erdogan

Dr. Ahmed Daoudğlu delivered a speech on a breakfast program in Konya, stating that the situation in Turkey is going through a difficult path, accompanied by an increase in economic inflation, which should be dealt with in a new spirit, a new situation and a new look.

Use the “old” line of the old case … if the situation doesn’t change…. Our end is decaying”.

A statement by Badi’zaman Said Al Nawrasi, who is the founder of the Al Nour group, which has become a terrorist organization led by Fathullah Gulan.

The use of this sentence, which says that it is not possible to continue in this form, change has become an inevitable condition that is very exciting by a person who knows this.

But a quote from Badi’zaman Said Al Nawrasi tells us about the same path on which the AKP was founded.

We didn’t change, so who changed?

It also means that the method of fighting Fathullah Gulan is wrong and that all of the group’s fans or employees are not terrorists.

Daoudğlu’s message, with the consensus of experts, is clear that it must be changed, but so far he has not made any criticism of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

What awaits him?

This is what the media has been asking Daoudğlu for a week.

Will failure in Istanbul municipal elections pave the way for the division of the Justice Party?

Daoudğlu’s moves in the previous period were collective with many former members of the Justice Party.

Daoudğlu’s success couldn’t be achieved without direct criticism of President Tayyip Erdogan, and it is clear that Daoudğlu or Ali Babacan is waiting for elections to determine the proper way to move from within the party.

If the Justice Party loses a large number of members of parliament with the split of the Justice Party will open new horizons in the arena of the Turkish opposition.

Early legislative elections are likely before 2023 but President Recep Erdogan doesn’t care about these possibilities and doesn’t consider them to have any repercussions within the party or the opposition.

Surprisingly, all analysts within the ruling party are contemplating bringing success or progress on the foreign front after meeting Japan, meeting President Donald Trump and visiting China to cover the loss of the Istanbul municipal elections.

Now the repeated elections for the city of Istanbul have ended with a great loss for the Justice Party, where the difference reached eight hundred thousand votes from 0.15% to 9% What happened during the past two months?

The AKP lost its biggest weapon, the common mind, where many of its top minds lost their minds and became one mind of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the trumpets of the drums.

If he doesn’t. Dr.. Ahmed Daoudğlu with direct criticism of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and give the final decision to opposition within the party or outside the party, will not have a strong political voice in the Turkish political arena.

Ali Babacan is expected to resign from the Justice Party within days from now.

The political row between Ali Babacan and Daoudğlu in forming the new party will be negatively reflected on them because the Turkish political scene will not tolerate two new parties with the same political ideology.

Regardless of the other reasons for the AKP’s loss in local elections in Turkey, the main reason for the economic failure is a new party that includes the pillars of the success of the Justice Party in the economic sector will have a strong voice in the coming days.

Conclusion If the opposition of the AKP doesn’t meet on one track, they‘ll have no success within the political arena and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will remain on the Turkish right.