China… the upcoming war: US… China and Islam in-between

By: Syrializm Analytics


In the light of the escalation of the conflict between the United States and China, which is currently taking an economic trend only, as if the United States is trying to inspire some or at least show that the issue of its dispute with China is purely economic, while everyone knows that the issue goes much further.

The entire Chinese-American epilepsy is centered on a conflict between two states in terms of abilities and capabilities.

Today, the United States is facing a very large economic, military and human power represented by China, and Russia can simply be added to it as well.

Of course, as always, the United States is working day and night on plans and taking a variety of tactics to confront its enemies and opponents in the world.

These measures begin with the imposition of sanctions to certain degrees depending on the situation with each targeted country, and then move to the stage of incitement and public threat, and then tend to the events of crises and stir up various unrest within those countries, starting with attempts to generate chaos or sedition variety or disturbances, in those countries at the political and economic levels.

The first thing that is targeted is usually the domestic situation in these countries, in different ways and methods, until things reach the point of direct intervention by either fomenting riots or igniting various internal/civil wars and conflicts or supporting insurgent movements or by igniting revolutions.

Then, things reach the point of direct military intervention.

Of course, all those steps and actions we’ve witnessed, and been carried out by the United States against many countries in the world whose policies contradict the United States.

And here comes the role of both China and Russia, why did we have brought Russia to the subject of practical concerns only China?

The answer is simple … The rapprochement between China and Russia and their geographic location makes them part of the direct targeting circle of the United States.

The two countries that are practically leading the other pillar of the world today.

Russia alone cannot face the United States, but things are radically different to tilt against the United States if Russia and China are join forces together in the face of the United States.

Here comes the role of one of the most famous weapons developed by the United States for decades and being used with all success and power in several countries and regions in the world, especially the Middle East during the last fifty years.

This weapon can be abbreviated as “(the weapon of terrorism”) Islamic extremism.

As the United States beat the Soviet Union (Communist) with jihad and the Islamic Mujahedeen, after the entry of the Soviet Union to Afghanistan in the late seventies of the last century, where the USSR was cleverly drawn to intervene and become militarily involved in Afghanistan, which caused disasters hit the Red Army, which arrived in that period to the stage of collapse within the war in Afghanistan, which lasted more than 8 years, and was one of the reasons that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the entire socialist front in the late eighty’s and early ninety’s.

Even later, Russia continued to be targeted by the so-called “Islamic terrorism” for several years, and to a certain extent it still faces it today, but at a much lower rate than before.

However its intervention in Syria could bring things back to direct targeting.

In the case of China, which is (what a coincidence) it is encountered a communist state and there are several conditions that allow the United States to use the same weapon with them to beat and eliminate their danger.

It is well known that China, through its totalitarian communist regime, doesn’t recognize heavenly religions in general, and Islam is the subject.

As is known, there are a number of Muslims in China, which are distributed in several areas, the most important of which is the western China or the so-called East Turkistan.

The number of Muslims in China is about 30 million, according to the official statistics of the Chinese government, although other unofficial statistics indicate that the number of Muslims may reach 100 million people.

The Muslims of China are divided into different national and ethnic groups, the Uygur ethnic population of Xinjiang, which is the most sensitive and important province of China and the most important economic artery connecting it with the Western world and West Asia.

The Silk Road passes through the region, who is full of many important resources as well, also the region is the gateway to China and its foreign trade with the port of Gwadar in Pakistan, which China has developed and investing.

Where the investment contract of the port will continue for the next 50 years.

China links the port with a railway line and a highway through which various goods and transport can be transported.

This means that the road passes from the territory of Xinjiang, and thus makes it a sensitive area that cannot be compromised by China under any circumstances, a place where the minority Uighur Muslims.

In fact, China has also been accused of violating human rights, especially in Xinjiang, torture of Uighur detainees and tightening restrictions on the exercise of their religious rites and culture.

This also raised international criticism of China, which is accused of racial discrimination in its dealings with Muslims, especially with the Uighur minority in the Xinjiang region, and believes that the Chinese identity should be presented to the religious identity of minorities, War themselves in the case of the defense of human and political rights.

All that means that, the usual used accusation by the united States are available to be used against China, to impose pressure on it.

Of course, the Chinese government denies all the accusations.

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has always been on high alert in the Xinjiang and Tibet provinces because of the ongoing political turmoil since 2009 of violent attacks in Xinjiang and protests in Tibet, prompting China to intensify security measures in both areas and impose broad restrictions, as for the Muslims in Xinjiang, Ramadan fasting and religious activities have been prevented in order to avoid any form of political opposition that may develop through religious networks.

A senior Chinese Muslim official called on Chinese Muslims to be wary of what he called “creeping Islamism”, including the use of foreign methods by mosques and urging them to practice their faith in the usual way in their country.

China has Muslims in its population, many of whom live in the western part of the country.

Although China officially guarantees freedom of religion, in recent years, censorship has tightened in areas inhabited by many Muslims for fear of extremism or violence.

It is impossible for the United States to miss this opportunity.

It urged the United States to intervene to protect Muslims in China and urged a number of Islamic countries in Asia to protect any runaway Chinese Muslims.

The story of the 11 Uighurs who fled China to Malaysia, which China is seeking to get them back and is demanding that the Malaysian authorities hand them over, while the United States asked the Malaysian government to provide temporary protection for them.

The US State Department said earlier that it had called on Malaysia to allow UNHCR to meet with the Uighurs to determine their eligibility for international protection and eventual resettlement in a third country.

They were part of a group of 20 Uighurs who fled Thailand last year.

And away from going into the details of the case, and also not to address the presence of Uighurs fighters in Syria within the province of Idlib under the banner of the so-called Islamic Turkestan Party, which is fighting both Russia and Syrian government forces currently.

We go back to the basics, especially since the American measures implemented during the last two years in both Iraq and Syria, where the transfer and facilitation of the passage of numbers of fighters of the Islamic state, to surprise the emergence of a focus of the Organization of the Islamic State in Afghanistan is growing, in addition to the United States seeking to negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan, ostensibly to bring peace to the country so that as the United States can claim to leave the country after nearly two decades of military presence there, after the farce of the events of September 11 which provided justification for the United States, to intervene.

The area is overlooking three countries that are considered to be a threat to the United State… China, Iran and Russia.

What the United States wants today, without a doubt, to use the weapon of Islamic extremism to hit China and ignite an internal war isolates China from the world and caused the country’s economy losses that would stop the rapid development, in addition to the possibility of using the same weapon to strike Russia and isolate Russia from China in one way or another to reach the use of jihadist weapons against the two countries, and may re-use the same method used with the Soviet Union, but with China this time, which may lead China in a certain period to the same fate faced by the Soviet Union.

Therefore, the United States will regain control of the world and stop the expansion of the Chinese dragon at various levels in addition to the elimination of Russia once and for all.

The defeat of Russia in the event that it was attacked by jihadists and on several fronts at a time when NATO approached the borders of Western Russia simply means that Russia is subjected to complete defeat in a very short time.

On the other hand, China will fall into the same trap as the Soviet Union in the past.

The United States may also incite the Gulf countries, as happened in the past with the Soviet Union, to finance jihad against China and use thousands of fighters, fighting after the practical experience they have acquired in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and even Libya over the past years.

Thus, the United States has at its disposal a large army of trained and equipped mercenaries equipped with the latest technologies provided by the US and its CIA, along with weapons, and with the experience and ruthlessness in addition to the doctrine of combat in the form of those so called jihadists (Allah Akbar).

Here we come without devouring the details of the American plan into a clear and crystal clear fact that the United States will use Islam again to strike its enemies and exploit it as a pretext for an indeed intervention.

It’s a genius plan to strike enemies with the enemies and without the United States costing much, while it will work its power to break any nation seeking to compete to control the world.

China today is the greatest threat to the United States, so all the weapons in the United States will be used to stop China and put an end to its expansion, which is growing rapidly, strongly and at a greater pace, not only in the economic field, but in all fields.

Here we conclude this series with a question…

How can a country with a population of one billion and three hundred million people be weakened and defeated?

The answer is chaos, chaos, chaos

As, the United States is the master of chaos in this world.