Russian Vzglyad newspaper: Turkey produces a plane, Russia doesn’t own similar to it

The Russian newspaper “Vzglyad” published an article by Elizaveta Shlanova, in which she talked about new countries that are entering strongly to the international arms market, such as Turkey, South Korea, and the decline of Russia’s opportunities.

“Russia will radically talk about the export strategy of complex military industrial products.

Vladimir Putin said, calling for maintaining a leading position in the arms market.

At the same time, Putin acknowledged that the conditions of the “military equipment trade” in the world are changing.

Therefore, the usual entries must be changed.

He pointed to the growing interest of foreign customers in research and development, and in the localization of production of military products on their land.

With regard to the demand of arms buyers to share their production techniques, this is not surprising, according to the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Ruslan Bukhov.

According to him, if a country wants to commit itself to absolute secrecy, it must not sell its weapons at all.

“The Americans, for example, are reluctant to do so in a number of cases”, he said.

By enjoying a more liberal arms export policy, they could have a greater share of the market.

“Over the past few years, the arms market has grown exponentially.

According to various estimates, from 30% to 50%.

We contract equally, in gross terms, or even more, but at the same time our share has fallen. Meaning that the market is growing faster than our share.

There are very few willing to buy an expensive product, with the increasing number of sellers.

Fifteen years ago, Turkey and South Korea were arms importers, but now they have entered the global arms markets and are even capable of challenging us.

For example, South Korea became a powerful manufacturer of ships and naval equipment.

Turkey has developed interesting models of marching aircraft.

They’ve a striking plane, while we haven’t yet produced it.

We’re still testing it, and the Turks are producing it in quantities and selling it.

They also have interesting models of light armored vehicles, wheeled, which are not worse than we produce, perhaps in a number of better positions.

At least in terms of price-quality equation.

That is, competition in the world is growing”.