Israeli journalist publishes a sarcastic picture of him showing his Israeli passport in front of the Society of Anti-Normalization relations with the Zionist entity at the Bahraini capital

A picture of an Israeli journalist appears in media, showing his Israeli passport in front of the Bahraini Association against normalization with the Zionist “enemy” in Manama.

The picture aroused widespread anger at the practices and behavior of the Israeli media delegation which landed in Manama to cover the activities of the Bahrain Workshop for Investment in Palestine, which started today, amid boycotting Arab countries and Palestinian pledges to thwart them.

This tweet comes hours after another Israeli journalist, holding a bottle of Lebanese beer, comments: “With the Lebanese beer in Bahrain… it’s a new Middle East “.

In response to the Israeli journalist, Bahraini citizens resorted to raising the flag of Palestine in addition to their country flag, rejecting the “Bahrain Workshop” aimed at applying the economic aspect of the “Deal of the Century”.

The Israeli journalist, published a picture of him drinking a Lebanese beer in Bahrain and wrote an accompanying comment: “With Lebanese beer in Bahrain… it’s new Middle East “.

Before that, he posted a photograph of him on the plane, announcing that he was heading to Amman en route to Bahrain to cover the “controversial” economic conference.