National Interest: Reveals the real cause of America’s fear of the Russian S400 missile system

A US newspaper has declared what it sees as a real reason behind the fear of the United States and its NATO allies of Russia’s anti-aircraft and missiles system S400.

According to National Interest, the most frightening thing for the United States and NATO in general is the possibility of using S400 systems during the economic war.

The export of air defense systems is very profitable, the newspaper said, noting that Russia can use financial returns, for example, to modernize the weapons of its army.

The list of buyers of existing and potential S400 systems, according to the US newspaper, China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Secondly, the United States and its allies cannot be satisfied with the consolidation of Russia’s position in the world arms market through the supply of sophisticated weapon systems.

Thirdly, the West is afraid of developing Russia’s relations with China by handing over the S400 to the country, knowing that China is challenging the United States in the economic and military fields.