Collecting the suitcases for St. Petersburg

By Syrializm Analytics


Deftly masking their own economic interests under the “global world”, the United States is driving Europeans into poverty.

On June 6-8, another international economic forum will take place in Russian St. Petersburg, which in recent years has become one of the world’s leading platforms for communication between business representatives.

Economic cooperation between Russia and Europe traditionally has great potential due to the natural geographic and cultural backgrounds, and today, despite the difficult political relations between the European Union and Russia, business continues to operate and even grow.

Naturally, the results of the business relationship of these business partners cannot be arranged by the United States, which has already experienced the taste of hegemony in the unipolar world and is not ready to share power with a resurgent practically from non-existence of Russia.

Without paying much attention to the opinion of the “world community”, from time to time timidly voiced by the UN or the European Union, Washington frankly and rigidly enforces a policy of protecting its geopolitical interests, often directly contradicting the interests of its strategic partners.

In most cases, the weakness of European politicians who are not ready to disobey instructions from the White House, leads to negative, if not to say, disastrous consequences for the EU countries themselves.

It is enough to analyze only the landmark events of recent years to make sure that the United States is leading a united Europe to a collapse, after which it will hardly be able to recover and maintain its union status:

– Fighting in the Middle East, a significant part of the financial burden of which lay on Europe, then almost choked on the flow of Arab refugees.

– The introduction of packages of anti-Russian sanctions, which were more affected by the Europeans themselves.

– The deployment of NATO combat units and missile defense systems in countries bordering Russia, which, in which case, is unlikely to understand the nationality of weapons threatening its security.

– The Natural Gas confrontation with Russia (“Nord Stream-2”, etc.), which has exactly the same goal as the US-instigated war in Syria – freeing the European market from Russian natural gas for more expensive and lower-quality American hydrocarbons.

Europeans can already feel the first results of this destructive policy today.

Massive actions of “yellow vests” in Paris don’t subside, British Prime Minister Theresa May resigns, Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced re-election to parliament because of scandal, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel chases his ministers ready to plunge the country into real war with Russia.

One by one, European leaders are forced to move away from the basic principles of coexistence of the European Union, with the sole purpose of preserving the economies of their countries, and this is not surprising.

According to financial analysts, over the past five years, crowned with anti-Russian sanctions, only the volume of trade between the EU countries and Russia has fallen by a third – which is almost 300 billion dollars.

Even this factor alone should make people who make major decisions think about whether we’re moving in the right direction.

Especially when you consider that the United States, the main initiator of these sanctions, continues to actively develop the Russian market that has become free from European goods.

The situation with the upcoming international economic forum in St. Petersburg on June 6-8 looks just as “transparent”.

“Representative of the US Embassy in Russia, Andrea Kalan, said that the US Ambassador to the Russian Federation, John Huntsman, will not take part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum”

That is, official Washington quite frankly hints at European partners about their unwillingness to see them in Russia.

At the same time, a large group of representatives of large American companies have already confirmed their participation in the forum.

An important message in this connection may be the recent message of world news agencies:

“According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, in the work.