Tehran responds to US president’s call: None of Iranian officials will be in touch with the Americans and in the future they’ll have to take more seriously in talks with Iran

The head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s parliament, Hishmatullah Falahat Bisha, said in a responded to the recent news about US. Administration passing the phone Number of Donald Trump to the Iranian officials through Switzerland.

“No one from Tehran will contact US President Donald Trump”.

This came in a statement to reporters, at the Iranian parliament.

Bisha continue saying that “None of the Iranian officials will contact Trump, and in the future, Americans will have to be more serious in talks with Iran”.

Commenting on the media reports about the powerful explosions rocked the UAE’s Fujairah port on Sunday.

Bisha said, “The Fujairah bombings proved that the security of the southern Persian Gulf is as fragile as the glass”.

On Thursday, the US president called on the Iranian leadership to contact him in order to reach a fair agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

On Friday, CNN reported, quoting a diplomatic source, that the White House passed Trump’s phone number to Switzerland to give it to Iranian leaders if they wanted to contact him.

Earlier this week, the United States announced the deployment of an aircraft carrier and strategic bombers in the Middle East, amid intense tension between Washington and Tehran, raising fears of a near-war in the region.

On Wednesday, Trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions on Iran, including the iron, steel, aluminum and copper sectors, which Tehran considered a violation of international norms.

US special representative to Iran Brian Hawk said the United States doesn’t want war with Tehran, but will continue to exert maximum pressure on it until it changes its behavior.

This comes after Iran announced the suspension of some of its commitments in the historic nuclear agreement concluded in 2015, with major powers, one year after the US decision to withdraw from this agreement, threatened with additional measures within 60 days, if the signatories to the agreement did not implement some of their commitments.