A former leader of the Syrian opposition says that the Al Sham Liberation Organization “Al Nusra Front” has chemical weapons

Syrian opposition and vice-chairman of the former Syrian negotiating body, Khalid Al Mahamid, said that the Al Sham Liberation Organization “Al Nusra Front” has chemical weapons.

In a televised statement, Al Mahamid confirmed that what used to be knonw as Al Nusra Front own what he called “qualitative weapons”, before continuing “perhaps chemical weapons, perhaps long-range missiles”.

In his remarks, Al Mahamid said that the international and regional community warned against the incursion of Al Nusra Front and its full control over Idlib as well as the factions that “joined them”.

He added, “We bear part of the responsibility as an opposition, we in all international meetings there were figures warning us of the victory and how to deal with it”.

Al Mahamid blamed Turkey for leaving Al Nusra Front, allowing them to control land borders and control the economy of the province, and Qatar was responsible as well.

“Al Nusra Front” changed its name to the “Al Sham Liberation Organization” in 2017, after it announced the break-up of Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, and after the recent advance of the Syrian Army in Northern Hama, the Leader of Al Nusra Front Abu Mouhmad Al Julani appears in the countryside of Hama.

Syrian opposition websites circulated a picture of the leader of the “Al Sham Liberation Organization”, wearing a military uniform and holding a weapon in his hand, claiming that the picture was in the northern Hama countryside of Syria.

The picture of Al Julani appears to the media after they great loss suffered in the battles in the northern country side of Hama and the control of the Syrian army on the stronghold of multiple areas including key points such as Qalaat Al Madiq and the strategic town of Kafernabuda, in addition to several other villages.

While the activists emphasized that the recent image of Al Julani was in the frontline in Hama countryside, some Syrian opposition websites complained that he was away from the battles front lines.

The suspicion that he recently attacked the people of the countryside of Hama a few days ago, accused them of being the reason for the advance of the Syrian army and its control over strategic villages and towns.

Abu Mohammed Al Julani had invited the media lelated to Syrian opposition a few days ago in Idlib and explained during the meeting the reasons for the loss suffered in the countryside of Hama.

Al Julani said that the Syrian army attacked the fragile area of ​​the strongholds in the north of Hama, and that the people in those towns prevented his fighters from building fortifications there which causes the loss, addingthat the Syrian army along with the support of the Russian forces used hard heavy fire power.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian army continuing its military operations in the northern villages of Hama and was able to enter the administrative border of the province of Idlib after controlling the towns of Arima and the field of Ghazan and Al Sharia.