Time magazine describes Bolton as a “Guard Dog” of Donald Trump

US Time magazine reported US national security adviser John Bolton as a “Guard Dog” of US President Donald Trump.

The magazine reported that the post of adviser to the President of the United States tradition is behind the scenes, and can be seen indirectly.

These officials are assigned to act as honest intermediary to the head of state in the most difficult strategic positions, which are forced to resolve internal policy disputes.

Bolton took office in April 2018 and immediately began his duties with the confidence of the television expert, as the Time described.

The national security adviser has often appeared on television screens with loud statements, blunting his ability to force America’s enemies to lose balance through aggressive public statements and defend his positions on these issues, rather than from the White House’s point of view.

For example, in June last year, the North Korean leader was angered by his call for a “Libyan model” of nuclear disarmament.