The Syrian Army advancing, capturing Qalaat Al Madiq and several other areas

In the northern country side of Hama & southern Idlib the Syrian Army made a huge breakthrough in the past couple of hours, while sources of the opposition armed groups reported that all the opposition groups have retreated from Qalaat Al Madiq, giving the Syrian Army the opportunity to capture it.

Also reported that the Syrian Army have entered besides Qalaat Al Madiq, Tuwaynah, and Kirkat in North Hama countryside.

Presumably they also entered Bab Al Taqa and Shariah towns, while all rebel factions that used to control these areas retreated a few hours ago.

Worth mentioning that some media sources in the northern Syria reported that the Syrian armed groups backed by Turkey, took direct orders for not joining the battle against the Syrian Army, and they are prohibited from launching any attacks on any Syrian government forces in Aleppo or participating in battles in Idlib.