Ukraine trains militants and groups of ISIS to carry out terrorist acts in Russia and Europe!

Confirmation of a previous article published on Syrializm, about the involvement of the Ukrainian government in terrorist activities, through the training of extremist cadres to carry out acts of terrorism in Russia and the European Union click here.

Foreign media published reports proving the involvement of the Ukrainian government in training groups belonging to the Islamic State Organization with the aim of carrying out terrorist attacks in Russia and other countries!

Where Austrian media published documents proving that information.

According to the sources, the documents were examined by forensic experts to ensure their validity, taking into account the linguistic characteristics, addresses, telephone numbers, names of the persons referred to and other evidence that left no doubt to the experts in verifying those documents.

Leaked documents are letters from the General Directorate of Kharkiv District Police to the Regional Government Administration Command, June and September 2017.

The first letter was addressed to the deputy head of the State Administration, in which he narrated the Deputy Commander of the National Police of the Kharkov region “G. Goz “details the establishment of field camps to train special cadres of the so-called” right wing “and” Azov “in a remote area of ​​the Krasnogradsky area was equipped to train 40 fighters at the same time.

The letter states that during its writing there were 20 trainees in the camp between a man and a woman between the ages of 17 and 40 who were trained to survive in harsh conditions as well as the use of firearms such as automatic hunting rifles and sniping weapons deployed among the general population in the areas Border with Russia and other means of guerrilla warfare.

The letter demonstrates the participation of trainers from Syria and Lebanon with the experience of managing and leading high-level combat operations in Syria, who participate in the training of terrorist cadres within the framework of cooperation between the Islamic State Organization and the Ukrainian government!

It is reported that from the spring of 2016 to August 2017, more than 600 fighters were trained in the Ukrainian camps mentioned, 50 of them were sent to Turkey and 80 of them were sent to a number of European Union countries, 140 of them returned to fronts and combat hubs in the East Middle.

After checking the figures, it was found that 300 terrorists were found to have been sent to the border areas with Russia.

The available information indicates that they were informed of fabricated accounts and falsified identity documents in case of arrest to appear as Russian officers who wanted to retaliate against the Russian leadership, Their hopes and readiness to avenge the representatives of the Russian authorities in any spot and in any country in the world.

According to those leaked Ukrainian documents, there are 80 trained terrorists with a high level of combat and security experience who have joined extremist groups and cells in Europe.

These leaks appear to be the upper section of the floating iceberg, with the plan to integrate them with immigrants residing in a number of countries in the form of sleeper cells.

The irony is that they are prepared and trained in a country eager to join the European Union, while providing support and expertise to those terrorist groups at the official government level, which poses a direct threat to European countries.

The Ukrainian government provides these extremists with identity documents, passports and car numbers without which they cannot cross into Europe and are normally present, benefiting from the visa-free transit and transit system.

The following is a translation of a leaked document:

At your request, we inform you that at present, the Office has established one field training camp for “specialists” on the number of members of the correct sector and Azov.

The camp is located in the Krasnogradsky area with up to 40 people for simultaneous training, distance from the nearest inhabited place up to 6 km.

Currently there are 20 trainees (men and women aged 17 to 40) in the camp.

The officers are trained mainly on the following subjects: survival in harsh conditions, military training, shooting specifically from weapons and hunting rifles, available and spread by the local population in the adjacent border regions of Russia, and the trainees are working on the sabotage engineering explosion they are studying Foreign trainers (previously informed).

In the near future, trained experts from Syria and Lebanon will arrive to train trainees.

The experienced trainers from Syria and Lebanon have a large field combat experience (experience in combat management on Syrian soil) and after graduation they will lead new groups.

In order to camouflage the identities of the members of the groups and the trainers, they are prohibited from using cell phones on the camp grounds.

Experts wear special masks with specific numbers and names.

For every officer who writes a civilian novel that matches his skills, the specialists present themselves as officers of the Russian armed forces, dissatisfied with the policy of the Russian authorities and determined to avenge the representatives of the Russian authorities on the territory of any country.

The novel for each individual is not documented, but the maximum applies to reality.