Militants bomb the Hmeimim base in Syria twice using rocket launchers and the attack was repulsed by the air defense forces

The head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation between the warring parties in Syria, Victor Kubchin, said on Monday that gunmen had bombarded the Russian base of Hmeimim twice using rocket launchers.

“Several rocket launchers were fired at the Hmeimim base twice today (Monday), in the morning and in the evening.

Each time the shelling came from the areas of Jabal Al Zawiya, controlled by the “Sham Liberation Organization” (formerly known as Al Nusra Front), according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

“Thirty-six rockets were fired, and the gunmen fired the missiles using a drone”.

“The attack was repulsed by the air defense forces and there were no casualties or damage at the airbase”, Kubchin said.

“All the launch points were discovered and destroyed by the Russian space air force and Syrian artillery fire”, he said.

It is noteworthy that the remnants of what used to be known as Al Nusra Front is stationed in the Idlib region, whose militants are provoking provocative strikes against neighboring areas and threaten the Russian base of Hmeimim in coast of eastern Syria.