Israel today: the terms of the “Deal of the Century”

The Israeli newspaper “Israel Today” published what it said was the text of a document circulating in the Israeli Foreign Ministry on elements of the US-led “Deal of the Century” plan for a settlement between Palestinians and Israelis.

No American, Israeli or Palestinian sources have confirmed the report, published by Israel Today, which is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and which President Donald Trump singled out more than one interview.

The United States intends to publish its plan next month, without disclosing its elements so far.


According to Israel Today, the deal includes the following main points:


1-The Agreement

A tripartite agreement will be signed between Israel, the PLO and Hamas, and a Palestinian state called “New Palestine” will be established in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, with the exception of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

2-Land Evacuation

The settlement blocs (in the West Bank) will remain as they are today in the hands of Israel, and will join isolated settlements, and will expand the areas of blocs to reach isolated settlements to be added.


Will not be divided and shared between Israel and the new Palestine, and will be the capital of Israel and the new Palestine, and the Arab population will be the new citizens of Palestine.

The Jerusalem municipality will be responsible for all areas of Jerusalem except for education, which will be dealt with by the new Palestinian government.

The new Palestinian Authority will pay taxes and water to the Jerusalem municipality.

Jews will not be allowed to buy Arab homes, Arabs will not be allowed to buy Jewish homes, no additional areas will be annexed to Jerusalem, and holy sites will remain as they are today.


Egypt will lease new land to Palestine for the purpose of establishing an airport and for the establishment of factories, commerce and agriculture, without allowing them to live in.

The size of the areas and the price will be determined between the two parties through the mediation of the supporting countries.

5-Supporting Countries

Countries that will financially support the implementation of this agreement are: the United States, the European Union and the oil-producing Gulf states.

The supporting countries will provide a budget of $ 30 billion over five years for national projects in the new Palestine (the cost of annexing isolated settlements and settlement blocs to Israel).

Division of funds to be paid by supporting countries

  • United States 20%
  • EU 10%
  • The oil-producing Gulf states 70%, will be divided according to their production of oil.
  • Most of the burden will be on the oil-producing countries because they will be the main beneficiaries of this agreement.

6-The army

The new Palestine will not have an army; the only weapon is the light weapons held by the police.

A new defense agreement will be signed between Israel and the new Palestine, in which Israel guarantees the new Palestine protection from all foreign aggression and will pay the new Palestine to Israel in exchange for such protection.

The cost of this payment must be determined in negotiations between the parties, mediated by the supporting States.

7-Timelines and stages of implementation

When signing the agreement:

  • Hamas will deposit all its weapons, including personal weapons, with the Egyptians.
  • Hamas members, including leaders, will continue to receive salaries from supporting countries until the government is formed.The borders of the Gaza Strip will be open to the passage of goods and workers to Israel and Egypt, as they are today with Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and by sea, and within a year, democratic elections will be held and a new Palestinian government will be elected, and every Palestinian citizen will be able to stand for election.
  • Prisoners (Palestinian prisoners) – One year after the elections and the establishment of the government, prisoners will be released gradually for three years.
  • Within five years, a seaport and airport will be established in the new Palestine and until then the airport will be used in Israel and the seaports in Israel.
  • The border between Palestine and Israel will be open to the passage of citizens and goods, as is the case with friendly countries.
  • The 30-meter “highway” connecting the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will be established with the following contributions: China 50%, Japan 10%, South Korea 10%, Australia 10%, Canada 10%, the United States and the European Union 10%.

8-The Jordan Valley

  • The Jordan Valley will remain in the hands of Israel as it is today.
  • Route 90 will turn into a four-lane road.
  • Israel will issue a tender to widen the road.
  • Two new routes will be given to the new Palestine to Jordan, and these crossings will be under the control of the new Palestine.


  • If Hamas and the PLO reject this agreement, the United States will cancel all financial support to the Palestinians and ensure that no country in the world transfers funds to them.
  • If the PLO agrees to the terms of this agreement and doesn’t agree with Hamas or Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders will be considered responsible.
  • In another round of violence between Israel and Hamas, the United States will support Israel to personally harm the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
  • It’s not acceptable for a group of tens of people to decide the fate of millions of people’s lives.
  • If Israel objects to this agreement, Israel’s economic support will cease.