Hours after his meeting with Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Putin’s envoy meets the Syrian president in Damascus

A few hours after meeting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Russian special envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, held talks with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in Damascus.

The meeting, which was attended by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Verchinen and the accompanying delegation, dealt with the issues on the agenda of the next round of talks in Nor Sultan (Astana).

President Assad and Lavrenteev stressed the importance of continued coordination between the two sides on the issues of exit.

With positive results that achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people and in the forefront to eliminate terrorism and restore security and stability to all Syrian territory.

“The necessity of working during this tour to overcome obstacles to the implementation of what has been agreed previously on the Idlib region, which focuses on the elimination of terrorist groups that are also attacking civilians in neighboring safe areas”.

For his part, Lavrentyev expressed his confidence in the success of the Nor Sultan (Astana) talks to achieve more successes, whether in terms of defeating terrorism, the political process, the constitutional committee or the fate of the missing or the refugees, which will contribute to ending the war in Syria and the return of the Syrians to their areas and the reconstruction of what Destroyed by terrorists “.

The meeting discussed “the initiatives related to the exchange of detainees, the fate of the missing and the efforts made in this framework and the agreement on the need to accelerate the work to achieve the desired results in this file because of its important humanitarian and social dimensions”.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, Major General Ali Mamluk, the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of Syria, Ayman Sousan, as well as the Russian Ambassador to Damascus, Alexander Efimov.

The Russian delegation held the meeting after discussing the Syrian issue with the Saudi Crown Prince in Riyadh earlier in the day.

The two sides, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement, paid special attention to ensuring a sustainable political settlement in Syria on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and providing the necessary support for the reconstruction efforts of the country.