Financial Times: German Foreign Minister warns London: No new postponement of the Brexit date

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned the British government to postpone their decision to leave the EU after the end of October.

“They have to decide as early as October what they want”, Maas said in a statement to the London-based Financial Times newspaper.

“It cannot be extended for a decade”, he said.

“A new delay could signal that they want to finally stay in the EU”.

The rest of the bloc agreed at an emergency summit on Wednesday to postpone Brexit until October 31 at the latest, avoiding a chaotic exit from Britain.

Britain may leave the union before this date if the country agreed at the internal level to compromise on future relations with Brussels.

Maas said that I still had hope that the British parliament would approve the proposed exit agreement from British Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of the European Parliament elections scheduled for the end of May, adding that it was unreasonable that Britain wanted to leave the union and then participate in the European Parliament elections.