Turkish newspaper Yeni Shafak publishes a picture of Al Baghdadi accusing Washington of distributing fake passports to elements of the Islamic state

The United States is preparing a new conspiracy with the Islamic state organization.

The CIA interrogated about 2,000 armed elements of the Islamic state in camps controlled by the PKK and handed over 140 false passports.

The Turkish newspaper Yeni Shafak reported that the United States is implementing new secret plans to transfer terrorists from the region through Iraq with false names, documents and passports.

The newspaper said that the CIA announced several areas of Deir Al Zour as military zones and closed it to enter and exit the civilian population.

The Pentagon in its areas interrogates selected individuals, and then transfers the fighters to rallying points in camps, and others to secret camps to be determined by the CIA.

The newspaper pointed out that representatives of the Israeli intelligence, French and British visit these secret camps, and the preparation and distribution of personal cards and passports in order to provide the exit of terrorists across Iraq.

The newspaper “Yeni Shafq” that the leader of the Islamic State Organization Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi operates under the supervision of the United States, the newspaper published a picture of him inside a US military Humvee, where a number of gunmen of the Islamic state organization fleeing the attacks in the Al Baghuoz health of these images.

The newspaper has not yet been able to obtain additional information about where and when this photo was taken.