Syria Democratic Forces are engaging in fierce battles in Al Baghuoz and the Islamic State organization is firing heat rockets and using booby traps and calls on their besieged fighters to withstand… The coalition forces targeting civilians in the area with white phosphorus shells

The Syria Democratic Forces continued their fierce battles against militants of the Islamic State Organization in the town of Al Baghouz in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

According to the latest information, the military operations of the Syria Democratic Forces in the camp Al Baghouz continues with the occurrence of clashes in two areas extensively and intensely on the front of the front, in the presence of great resistance by the Islamic state militants who used car bombs and thermal missiles.

The Syria Democratic forces have been able to repel attacks by elements of the fighters of the Islamic State Organization, with the support of coalition forces launched air attacks on the points and centers gathering fighters of the Islamic State Organization, and the clashes continue with the expectation of continuation over the next two days.

The militants of the Islamic state organization have failed to reach the points of SDF, which they responded  after the Islamic state fighters targeted them with car bombs and suicide bombers.

Sources in the Syrian opposition have accused the international coalition led by the United States to target civilians Monday night in the camp Al Baghouz with white phosphorus shells.

The sources confirmed that the use of white phosphorus shells which is internationally prohibited, are being often used by the coalition forces, not in Al Baghouz only, where it been widely used in the city of Raqqa and Hajin and other areas that witnessed clashes between SDF and ISIS.

The Islamic state organization called in a videotape on Monday night for its fighters who’re trapped inside the eastern town of Al Baghouz to withstand the siege and the shelling.

A Jihadi accounts were published on Telegram a 14-minute video, in which four people spoke, asserting that they were in Al Baghuoz.

The tape included pictures of tents, mud rooms and trucks, much like the pictures AFP had already seen from advancing positions on the front near the besieged Al Baghuoz of Syria’s democratic forces.

“If we got killed, our whipped out, it’s a victory from Allah, and the steadfastness is to stay on what Allah loves”, said the first speaker, who his identity is unknown.

The date of the video showing the Islamic Calendar “Hijri” of Rajab 1440, which is the month that began on March 8, also some of the images shown in the video were taken using drones.

Syria Democratic Forces have been besieged for weeks along with the United States-led coalition, the Islamic State Organization in its last pocket in Al Baghuoz.

As a result of the military operations, tens of thousands of women, children and men from the besieged point, including a number of ISIS fighters, who all been got in separate turns.

Two days ago, the artillery of the Syria Democratic Forces and coalition aircraft pounded the besieged enclave.

“If we have thousands of kilometers and there are only a few kilometers left, then we’re lost”, says a 30-year-old spokesman, who sits next to him with a boy and two other men said.

“These infidels and apostates have cut the roads on us.

In this suffocating siege, our livelihood comes to us every day”, he said.

“The Victory is near.

“There is no Muslim ruler on the face of this land except Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, may Allah preserve him”, he said.

A small video clip of the so called Al Hesba, which is the Islamic state police, appears on a dirt road with dozens of men on board, as well as children and women with veils.

One of the passengers calls on people to “ask for forgiveness and repentance”.

A woman also shows up near a stove, food, children, sitting men and others walking among tents and motorcycles.

A second spokesman, identified as “Brother Abu Abdul Aziz”, refers to leaflets that the coalition planes seem to be getting at the besieged.

“The disbelievers throw us leaflets and mock us, they tell us you are hungry and your people are eating and eating”.

Many out of the organization’s pocket told AFP that they were suffering from shortages of food, bread and water in the remaining area under the control of the Islamic State Organization.