Israel Hayom: reveals the details of the so called “Deal of the Century” with the entire city of Jerusalem is under Israeli control

An Israeli newspaper revealed new details about the so called “Deal of the Century”, recalling that the plan includes granting the Israel full sovereignty over Jerusalem, including the Old City and Al Aqsa mosque.

Israel revealed, through its media, details of the “Deal of the Century” the US intended to be announced after the Israeli elections.

The report, published in the Israeli daily “Israel Hayom”, relates specifically to the future of the occupied city of Jerusalem and how sovereignty is divided over it, with an American bias alongside Israel, at the expense of Palestinian rights.

According to the report, the son-in-law of the US president and his chief adviser, Jared Kushner, intends to reveal the “Deal” after the Israeli elections and before the formation of the government to be the first item in the formation of a coalition between parties belonging to the next government, a written position of the American plan in a way that prevents the possibility of evading them, thus betting on the possibility of passing on the Israeli side.

The deal divides the principle between the Jerusalem area of ​​Jordan (the pre-1967 border), an area of ​​about 6 square kilometers, the areas annexed by Israel to the municipal area of ​​Jerusalem from outside, and the area of ​​more than 64 square kilometers, in addition to 28 neighboring villages It was not really part of the city.

Thus, the partial division of the city and its main neighborhoods into Israeli sovereignty, including the Jewish settlements that seized the lands established after 1967, were settled and 220,000 Jews were settled, while parts of the second district of the expanded city of Jerusalem were transferred to Palestinian sovereignty In 1967 (practically outside of Jerusalem), which, according to the report, is a generous addition to the generosity of the city’s partition plan as outlined in the plan of former US President Bill Clinton at the Wye River in 2000.

Within this division, Israel retains sovereignty over most of Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Holy Basin (the area of ​​the Al Aqsa Mosque and its environs), and part of Silwan, the Mount of Olives, Wadi Al Joz, Sheikh Jarrah and Mount Al Masharaf, Jabal Al Muqabir, Arabs of Sawahreh, Umm Layson and Umm Tuba.

The Jewish settlements in Jerusalem, the new Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, as well as the 28 villages located within the expanded Jerusalem area in accordance with Israeli decisions after 1967, retain Israel’s sovereignty over them.

Similarly, according to previous US plans and initiatives, President Trump’s approach is more generous to Israel, both in terms of Clinton’s outlines and the various proposals discussed during the 2007 Annapolis process under former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

If Clinton sought to transfer Palestinian sovereignty over all Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, including the Old City and its environs (with the exception of the Jewish Quarter and some other areas), Trump transfers sovereignty over the town and the Holy Basin to Israel.

However, the plan refers to the term “functional sovereignty” in which the Palestinians participate in the old and far-eastern part of the country, with the emphasis that this sovereignty relates to the functional operational area, which is inferior to the full sovereignty that will remain unaffiliated with the Israeli side.

As for sovereignty over the “Western Wall”, Israel is never without any partnership, including the functional (advisory) sovereignty of the Palestinians.

In the context of the border between “Israeli Jerusalem” and what the report calls “Palestinian Jerusalem,” the “Deal of the Century” calls for keeping the situation open, without establishing physical borders that would guarantee freedom of movement between Palestinians and Israelis.

This is part of the “Deal of the Century” concerning the future of Jerusalem and it’s almost complete submission of its sanctities, neighborhoods, role and streets to Israel, while Palestinians are given a geographical space outside Jerusalem called “Palestinian Jerusalem”.

The irony is that the Israelis are not enthusiastic about this deal, despite the unprecedented American generosity that exceeded their expectations, and in the past was not even in their imagination.

This may be due to the aspirations of the rulers of Tel Aviv to potential in their friends with the Arab states, to push further concessions on Palestinian rights to the end of the absolute.

It is an aspiration that is not lacking in logic, whose potential is reflected in Israeli plans and aspirations, even exceeding the deal, despite its generosity, especially with most of the Arab regimes, especially the Gulf, running into the Israeli embrace.