Iranian voices demand the government of Bashar Al Assad to “pay the debts” to the Iranian people!

Despite the cooperation and relations and the declared alliance between Iran and the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s government, in the past few years, voices from Iranian public and officials, parliamentary or military bodies have emerged on the need for Iran to get the price it offered during the ongoing war in Syria since 2011.

The most recent of these votes is the head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament, Hishmatallah Phalahat Beshah, who came out with a statement demanding the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to meet and pay his debts to Iran.

“Syria has become indebted to Iran after many years of cooperation between the two countries, and Iranian officials have to collect these debts from the legal point of view”, Beshah said, according to the Iranian official news agency IRNA, without giving a specific figure on the value of the debts.

“As a deputy in the Iranian parliament, I asked Syrian officials when I met them to pay their debts”, he said.

“This is the debt owed to the Iranian people, and it is the duty of the people of Iran to pay their debts”.

Iran intervened directly in the war in Syria through a pro-Syrian military presence in Damascus, as well as Shiite militias that came to fight with Syrian government forces, not to mention the economic support offered by the Islamic Republic of Iran which had given to the Syrian government as well.