Voltaire Network: Israel involved alongside India and Pakistan

In the Indian subcontinent, Israel refuses to take sides and does not hesitate to do business with entities opposed to each other.

Thus, in 2009, the IDF was both the trainer of the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers.

However, it was ultimately Colombo he advised against the Tigers during the massacre of Puttumatalan (probably 20,000 dead).

It appears that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s honeymoon with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi has not stopped Israel from reactivating its historical ties with Pakistan since the election of the new Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 18, 2018.

This even as the rapprochement between Israel and India was against the Muslims, breaking with the anti-imperialist line of the pandit Nehru, which supported the Palestinians.

And while the Israeli-Pakistani rapprochement cannot be admitted by the Pakistanis whose preachers teach that Israel is evil.

– In 2016, journalist Malik Shahrukh Zeeshan created an Israel-Pakistan Friendship Group.

– On October 25, 2018, an Israeli plane had traveled 10 hours to Islamabad, according to Haaretz.

The press then spoke of a secret call from Benjamin Netanyahu during his unannounced trip to Oman.

This would have been the result of financial support from Saudi Arabia (Israel’s ally) to Pakistan.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi immediately denied the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

– Several local sources speak without proof of Israel’s role in the terrorist operation of the Kashmiri Jaish Mohammad jihadist group in Pulwama (India) on 14 February.

We have shown that the reality of the Indian response to Balakot doesn’t correspond to the statements of the Modi government.

The unconditional release of the fallen Indian pilot points to a possible Israeli-Pakistani secret action.