France is interested in trying to coordinate with Russia to end the Syrian crisis with a clear contradiction in the direction at the same time

By Syrializm Analytics

French diplomacy continues to be part of efforts to end the ongoing war in Syria and to work for the return of the Syrian government to the Arab League.

According to reports from the French capital Paris, that despite the US hardening in preventing any attempts to restore Damascus to its surrounding environment, especially its participation in the next Arab summit in Tunisia.

Where sources revealed French official contacts between Paris and Moscow to re-activate the Syrian political process through the constitutional entrance, where the transfer of a proposal through high-level communications based on the consideration that the international track agreed, which provided for the formation of a constitutional committee of 150 members tasked with the task of writing new constitution to be adopted later and on the basis of which elections, very complex, and evidence that the Commission has not yet formed, and the subsequent explosive issues will begin with the start of its work in the event it reached this stage.

“The proposal, which was approved by Moscow, is to abandon the desire to write a new constitution and to proceed from the existing constitution and to amend 5 or 6 points of disagreement in it.

These include the powers of the expanded president, the independence of the judiciary and some state institutions and the relationship with the security institutions, and these amendments must be negotiated under international auspices to reach a modified constitution instead of wasting time in the drafting of a new constitution, the next phase, the title to go to new elections fair supervised by the United Nations, which has experience in this area.

The French sources revealed that the proposal, which means abandoning efforts to establish a constitutional committee, was transferred to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which in turn transferred to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

According to sources in Paris, Syrian President Bashar Assad agreed to the French proposal with some reservations on it.

The French vision is to accelerate the movement of the political track in cooperation with Russia, despite the existence of Western reservations in general is the unwillingness of the West in the so-called “the rehabilitation of the Syrian regime regionally and internationally”, considering that the question of Syria’s return to the Arab League, for example An internal Arab affair, and that Paris does not seek to influence it, but in contrast does not oppose it in principle.

What France means by official statements is to launch the path of the political solution in practice, without being described as offering a “free bonus” to the Syrian regime, with Western concerns that fear that the success of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country has become a key player in the course of the Syrian crisis, In this task without the West getting a return.

On the other hand, Western officials are aware that the situation in Syria is mixed with papers because of the imbalance of the US position.

Paris has noted that French President Emmanuel Macron played a role in pushing US President Donald Trump to adjust his position on the total withdrawal of his forces from northeastern Syria, while Paris is still wary of what could be issued by Washington after the elimination of the Islamic State Organization In the last site controlled by the Euphrates east.

France didn’t hide its welcome to keep 200 US troops in the area controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces, in addition to retaining the same number at the base of the tunnel.

It is not yet clear whether this American shift will encourage France to contribute to overseeing the security zone Washington wants, which has yet to emerge.

Moreover, Paris continues to push its Western allies and Arab friends to refrain from any contribution to the reconstruction process in Syria without the condition of launching the political process, because France considers the reconstruction of the country, which has been exhausted by the eight-year war, if Washington were to withdraw from Syria, it would leave the arena completely free of Russia and Iran.

And believes that giving the task of confronting Iranian influence to Israel will not bring about the results that Washington wants, because all that Israel is doing is to remove the Iranian bases from its borders, not to remove Iran and its allies from the entire Syrian territory.