The Syrian authorities discovered a huge amount of C4 explosives belongs to armed groups south of Syria near the borders with Jordan

According to the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian authorities seized huge amounts of explosives that were used by armed groups, which were being used for manufacturing explosive devices, mines and ammunition.

The SANA agency reporter said that, the Syrian authorities found about 8 tons of highly-explosive C4 explosives while combing villages and towns liberated by the Syrian Army in the southern region of the country.

The reporter added that explosives were found in the terrorists’ dens in different areas and they were gathered and transported to isolated areas.

According to the source, the terrorist groups were using these explosives to stuff home-made rocket shells and make car bombs.

The source clarified that this huge amount of C4 was smuggled into Syria through the neighboring countries as it is a very expensive material and usually delivered exclusively to the armies according to deals and contracts.

The Syrian specialized Counter-Terrorism Units discovered this huge amount of explosives that were be hidden in underground depots, stockpiled there by terrorist groups before they fled the area, with sources confirmed that the large quantity were found near the border with Jordan, not far from the fence separating Syrian with the occupied Golan heights.

It’s worth mentioning that each 1 kg of C4 has an equal devastating power that ties the devastating capability of 10 kg of usual TNT explosives, and with that 8 tonnes C4, which is a huge amount, enough to destroy a full city.