The “Gold” deal between the Islamic state and the United States is done, under the cover of darkness

A few days after the news of the gold deal between the United States and the Islamic State, according to which the leaders of ISIS were transferred to safe places in exchange for tonnes of gold, new information emerged confirming the leaks coming from sources in eastern Syria.

The initial information says that the US forces in eastern Syria have concluded a deal with ISIS under which Washington obtained tens of tonnes of gold in exchange for allowing the remaining members of ISIS and their leaders to get out of their last hold positions in the eastern Deir Al Zour area, where the US helicopters transferred gold bullion under the darkness to the United States.

Sources pointed out that tens of tonnes of gold that was in the possession of the Islamic State in its last pocket in the region at Al Baghouz in the countryside of Deir Al Zour has been in the hands of the American forces added to the tonnes of others revealed by the organization to the US in other caches to reach the size of the deal for about 50 tonnes quoted All of them to the United States, while keeping very few to their militias of the Syria Democratic Forces.

Over the past few days, according to media sources, American helicopters have moved in several areas in the places where the terrorist organization is deployed.

They carried out short-term landings with heavy flights at landing sites, indicating important targets believed to be leaders of the terrorist organization and gold.

The sources confirmed a few days ago that the area where the terrorists holed up contain about 40 tonnes of gold and tens of millions of dollars, noting that the theft of gold and money from all areas stolen by the ISIS from Syria and Iraq previously.

A few days ago, sources from several towns in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour discovered that they had caught the last eye of the cooperation between Washington and its forces in Syria, at Al Dashisha area in the southern Al Hasakah countryside.

The sources confirmed that the funds transferred by the American helicopters contained large quantities of gold that was hidden by the terrorists of the organization in the area of ​​Al Dashisha east of the city of Shaddadi, which corresponds to other testimonies of media sources reported that ISIS transfer all gold bullions.