The British army violated the decisions of its country’s parliament, as reports revealed that it’s participating in ground military operations in Syria

The British forces took part in ground military operations in Syria on the pretext of fighting the terrorist organization of ISIS, despite the violation of the British parliament’s decision to reject it, the British newspaper “The Sunday Times” revealed.

According to the press reports, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that the British special forces (under the umbrella of the international coalition allegedly led by Washington) participated in military operations in Syria, in violation of the decision of the parliament of the country.

The British newspaper reported that it had filed a request with the Ministry of Defense of the country regarding the British Special Air Force SAS member, Sgt. Mith Tonro, who was killed along with American soldiers in March 2018.

The representatives of the British Ministry of Defense, according to the newspaper: “The British military units that have been annexed to the armed forces of other countries are working with the host party and under his control”.

The newspaper said that this allows the British forces to work in cooperation with the unit “Delta” and the US Navy.

The newspaper also revealed that more than 20 British soldiers have been given “medals of courage” in the last four years, in exchange for their participation in the fight against ISIS, according to the information of the newspaper.

The British parliament approved in 2015 the participation of British forces in carrying out air strikes in Syria and nothing else, and the government promised at the time not to use British ground forces in Syria.