A Kurdish military commander in Syria Democratic Forces fled to Iraq after stealing $ 20,000 along with 16 SDF fighters members

Sources in eastern Euphrates, controlled by the US-backed Syria Democratic Forces, which include majority Kurdish elements, have reported the escape of one of its Kurdish leaders, who went to Iraq with 16 of its fighters.

After stealing $ 20,000, a military commander in the Kurdish militias in Syria Democratic forces, name “Orkish”, has fled along with 16 members of the Kurdish militia, through an illegal crossing with Iraq in the vicinity of the border town of Yarobia, northeast of Hasakah with the help of smugglers.

The sources indicated that the Kurdish military commander “Orkish” is from the city of Ain Arab (Kubani) in northern Syria at the countryside of Aleppo, was a military commander of the Kurdish militias of the Syria Democratic Forces stationed in the Omar oil field and the US military base of coalition forces in the eastern Deir Al Zour.