After what seems to be a fatal injury of Al Julani and the uncertainty surrounding his fate, speculation about the next “Emir of Idlib”

With the ambiguity of the fate of the leader of the Sham Liberation Organization, the current facade of the terrorist group formerly known as “Al Nusra Front” in Syria, the search for the possible names of his successor is necessary according to the methods of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and its affiliated movements.

It’s not in order to look at the names of the alternatives.

In the norms of the basic terrorist organizations, the Emir must be an immigrant, but this is contrary to the US perceptions of “Terrorism Domestication”.

Abu Muhammad Al Julani, who is Syrian national and his real name, Muhammad Hussein Al Sharaa, contributed greatly to pushing him to the forefront in the early years of the war on Syria as a Syrian nationality.

The leader of Al Qaida, Ayman Al Zawahiri condemned his eligibility for the emirate since he immigrated to Iraq and later he returned to Syria.

Today, it will be very difficult to bring similar person.

The legal conditions require an immigrant.

This is not true of the well-known majority of Syrian terrorists in the organization.

Most of the organization’s prominent leaders of Syrian nationality have been liquidated or killed in combat since the “Terrorist front” disguised as “the free army” at the beginning of the war against Syria.

There are many immigrants in the organization today, but their foreign nationality will be guarded by Western countries in support of the terrorist organization, because the current quest is to present the organization as a “Syrian opposition” after the announcement of his departure from the global “Jihad”, which threatens the fate Tens of thousands of foreign fighters in Syria, led by some 18,000 Chinese fighters who came from Eastern Turkistan and other parts of Syria to Turkey through Turkish territory.

They have jobs, lands and settlements that are difficult to uproot except by fighting, which threatens the nucleus of power in the ruling organizations in Idlib.

The Islamic Party of Turkestan, leader Abu Suleiman Al Turkistani, is one of the candidates for succeeding Al Julani as the Emir of Idlib … but there are many obstacles prvent him to be the Emir, starting from his look which will always contribute to his East Asian nationality.

His Arabic language is also very weak, and will contribute to the focus on the terrorist dimension of power in Idlib.

This is what the West is trying to conceal by maintaining Syria’s front line in the first ranks of some terrorist organizations, as was the case with the wounded of Al julani.

In fact, Al Julani was not a strong figure within the Sham Liberation Organization, which was adopted by Ayman Al Zawahiri with the encouragement of the State of Qatar as the “Emir” of the Levant (Syria Lebanon Jordan Palestine).

There are many other figures that have a much larger weight than the Golan among them the Saudi nationality, Abdullah Al Muhaysni (the legitimate Emir of Al Qaeda in the Levant).

There is also the “Abu Al Yqazan Al Masri” who submitted his resignation about two weeks ago in protest against merging Al Nusra Front in a civil context, in order to be presented as a current “fairs” Syrian as Turkey did with the Islamic movement of Ahrar Al Sham, founded by the right arm and the envoy of Osama bin Laden called Abu Firas Al Souri, who was killed in 2013 under mysterious circumstances.

However, the Liberal Movement is considered an anti-jihadist organization for the United States, France, Britain and Turkey.

Abu Yakzan Al Masri is one of the oldest members of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization and has significant contributions to the wars of Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen.

He is also fond of Ayman Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan.

He is fed up with the weakness of Al Julani, to deport foreigners from Syria later.

These differences, which remained largely secret, may have to do with the two bombings that targeted Al Julani a few days ago in Idlib.

This province is fully controlled by Al Qaeda in the most accurate details of its life.

This indicates that the assassination of Al Julani is internal, one of the participants, or perhaps others did so, taking advantage of the emergence of some dispute to the public between the parties, took the opportunity to charge to Abu Yakzan.

Of course, Abu Yakzan Al Masri will also be outside the equation to be the “Emir of Idlib”, not only his nationality, but also his long terrorist history traveling between the three continents Europe, Africa and Asia.

What applies to Abu Yakzan is more severe for other candidates in the Sham Liberation Organization, including the “general prince” of the terrorist organization Tawhid wal-Jihad (“Abu Salah Al Uzbeki”) and “Abu Omar Al Turkistani” of Turkestan Islamic Party and is taken from the city of Jisr Al Shughour southwest of Idlib, the seat of his banner.

What applies to “Abu Salah Al Uzbeki” and “Abu Omar Al Turkistani” also applies to “Abu Muhammad Al Dagestani”, the leader of the “Muhajirin wa Al Ansar” organization, Abu Qotada Al Albani, the “Emir of the Albanians”, along with lesser Emirs who lead terrorist organizations, “Sunni Immigrants”, “Association of Excellencies” and “Country of the Two Holy Mosques”.

The leaders of the organization are most present in the demilitarized zone south of Idlib and north of Hama under the name of the “Guardians of Religion”, but this organization is publicly sold to Ayman Al Zawahiri, reducing the chances of any of his Jordanian and Saudi leaders to get any of them ).

According to opposition media sources, the control of “Al Nusra Front” and “the Jihadist organizations” reached about 80 percent of the areas outside the control of the Syrian army with an area of ​​about 7200 square kilometers, out of about 8937 square kilometers, about 4.8 percent of the Syrian land area It was controlled by terrorist organizations and armed militias in Idlib, the villages of Hama, Aleppo and Latakia.

About two weeks ago, a day after the resignation of the terrorist leader, Abu Yakzan Al Masri as a result of differences between the leaders of the organization, announced a leading figure in the “Sham Liberation Organization” the new Title of “Al Nusra Front” with Abu Malek Al Tali, remain in the “Organization” after Confusion and conflict with himself.

The Syrian opposition activists said that, Jamal Zayneah, “Abu Malek Al Tali” went through difficult days while he is in conflict and doesn’t know what is good for him in the matter of his release from the “Sham Liberation Organization”.

Activists close to the “Sham Liberation Organization”, and according to Syrian opposition media outlets, that “the head of Al Sharia Council of Al Sham Liberation Organization filed a claim against Abu Yakzan Al Masri due to non-compliance with media controls”, pointing out that the resignation came on the back of “his conviction and warning”.

Al Tali’s remarks come in conjunction with the tension between the “Sham Liberation Organization” and the organization of “Guardians of Religion” linked to the terrorist organization of Al Qaeda.

Abu Yakzan is considered one of the most prominent jurists in Al Sham Liberation Organization and has “Fatwas”, among them urging the militants of the organization to target the gunmen of the Islamic Movement of Ahrar Al Sham with a bullet to the head and prohibiting the participation of Free Army militiamen in the Turkish military operation east of the Euphrates River, against Kurdish People’s protection units”.

Syrian opposition media sources suggested that the leader of the “Sham Liberation Organization”, Abu Muhammad Al Julani, who supported Turkey’s operation in East Euphrates, was the one who arranged for the resignation, especially after the discrepancy between his statements and Abu Yakzan Al Masri statements on how to deal with the Turkish army in light of recent developments.

This comes at a time when Turkey announced its readiness to cooperate with Russia in the implementation of a military operation against the “Sham Liberation Organization”, while at the same time Turkey stood by the spectator of the “Sham Liberation Organization” and control of the entire province of Idlib, according to sources.

Abu Yakzan Al Masri is the one who led the recent fighting between the “Sham Liberation Organization” and the militia of the “National Liberation Front”, which broke out earlier this year.

Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza bin Laden, is still present to take advantage of the fact that his mother is Syrian that she’s from Latakia, however his nationality is Saudi.

Abu Malek Al Tali is close to Al Zawahri and was the “Emir of the Qalamon region” in central Syria.

Foreigners may turn him into the “Emir of Syria” who is like Al Julani, perhaps the most likely candidate.