Israeli right up in arms over news Anchorwoman who said occupation turns our soldiers into ‘Animals’

One of the famous Israeli Anchorwoman Oshrat Kotler, who is anchorwoman at the Israeli TV Channel 13, risks going to trial under section four of the Defamation Law and has been called in for a formal disciplinary hearing with the news station’s executives.

On Saturday night, while anchoring the news, Kotler referred to the Israeli soldiers suspected of beating Palestinian detainees as “human animals”.

“When you send your children to the army, they are kids”, Kotler said.

“You send them to the territories, and they come back as human animals, this is the result of the occupation”.

After her comments, the reactions differed between supporters and opponents of what she said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying that he is “proud of the IDF soldiers and loves them very much, Oshrat Kotler’s words deserve every condemnation”.

Kotler made her statements following coverage of the five Israeli soldiers who serve in the ultra-Orthodox Netzah Yehuda Battalion and were arrested for allegedly beating two Palestinians.

Kotler later attempted to clarify her statements by saying that she was specifically referring to these five soldiers and not the entire Israeli Army.

“I want to stress so that you understand: My children, and also their friends, have been combat soldiers”, Kotler explained.

“My criticism was directed only at those soldiers who have been driven to harm innocent people due to our control over the Palestinians in the territories”.

She then said that she was not ashamed of her statements and would “continue to express my opinion on the program; you will not succeed in silencing me”.