Europe is committing another fatal mistake in Syria, Assad rules out the West … Russia the “Syria’s Reconstruction Giant” with its heavy equipment are preparing to enter the country

The first mistake for Europe was to get involved in the Syrian war without having an independent pivotal role in line with its interests, at a time when Europe alone bore the largest share of refugees waves and the first target of terrorism.

The second mistake is to stay away from a role in reconstruction and to help the Syrian government in the post-war period, which will only give the European countries more losses, without any significant gains.

After years of their stability, the terrorists groups in who were controlling large areas in Syria, which they left it full of various types of destruction and ruins, taking this situation as a starting point for systematic destruction that has extended in a large part of the country’s infrastructure.

Terrorist crimes in Syria are not limited to the wide spread of minefields, booby traps and weapons depots that are sufficient to fight wars with several armies.

They left behind tens of thousands of destroyed homes and wreckage of infrastructure that has long characterized Syria as the most stable infrastructure in the Middle East.

Although the removal of this huge rubble began months ago, there was today a significant statement from the Russian side, Syria’s partner in the war on terror, on the reconstruction and removal of millions of tons of remnants of war launched by the West in a blatant alliance with a wide range of terrorist organizations Multi-loyalties, including those that spread the organization of the so called the “Global Base of Jihad” in Afghanistan.

“I’d like to comment on a separate thematic area, which is the post-war reconstruction of Syria”, Sergei Chimeziev, the general manager of state-owned “Rostec” company, said Tuesday at the IDEX-2019 in the United Arab Emirates.

Rostec and its subsidiaries have the power to implement infrastructure projects and are ready to supply Syria with the necessary equipment and machinery”.

The statement of the head of the Russian company “Rostec” shows the interest shown by the Syrians in road construction equipment manufactured by the company, and talk here is the first place on the loading machines and heavy bulldozers and heavy tractors, in view of Syria’s need for such technologies, and added that the representatives of Syria who visited the giant factory of “Oral Vagon Zavod” to get information about the large capabilities which the company have.

“The Russian company, as part of the diversification of the project, has proposed a waste sorting plant.

This is a promising trend.

It will provide more than 100,000 tons of solid waste, extract about 30 percent of the secondary resources and decompose the remaining waste or burn with minimal environmental damage”.

The words of “Rostec” are very important signs of paving the way to rebuild the devastated areas in order for the reconstruction.

For its part, the Syrian government stated on every occasion that all those who participated in supporting crimes and terrorists and contributed to the destruction of Syria would have no chance to participate in reconstruction, but only those countries that stood with the people and the Syrian state in a battle to defeat the hundreds of thousands of terrorists that invade the country from Arab and Western countries, in order to destroy it over its inhabitants.

As the dust of war gradually began to fade, reconstruction features and plans for the rebuild and upgrading the infrastructure of the country, with the process that going to take shape both internally and externally, Russian friends appeared again not only as partners and supporters in the war on international terrorism in Syria and also as partners in the reconstruction of the country, better than it was before the war.

For his part, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad can only look at the West today with suspicion, not only in response to their support for terrorism in Syria, but also in the obvious way of tightening and sponsoring sanctions, especially since the first package of sanctions was implemented by the Union The European Union just days after the start of the war on Syria in March 2011, and Assad cannot ignore the construction of special camps for refugees assumed in 2010 !!

A year before the start of what the West called the “Syrian revolution”, which was later revealed that the perpetrators are terrorist activists belonging to the “Al Nusra front” and “ISIS” in order to dump Syria of its largest number of its population and use the case in international forums.

President Assad’s statement on reconstruction is still ringing in the ears of the West when Assad commented on Western statements that they don’t want to contribute to the reconstruction of his country “as long as Assad remains in power”.

This is the best Western statement ever made during this war, they will “NOT” take apart of the reconstruction in Syria, because we simply will not allow them to be part of it, whether they come with money or not, and whether they come with a loan or a grant or a donation or in any way, we Simply don’t need the West”, Assad Said.

On the other side, which is related to the allies in the war on terror in Syria, the Russian Federation must have the largest share in this process.

Indeed, the Russian initiatives that started this process, which will not be easy, are not impossible.

As part of the continued military cooperation between Russia and Syria, the Syrian port of Tartous witnessed the landing of a Russian military cargo ship laden with technical equipment, including a mobile digital complex for mapping and city plans.

These systems can scan terrain and digital mapping, as well as 3D modeling of maps and other demarcation and demarcation work.

Experts said the Russian techniques would help the Syrians develop new maps for Syria, necessary for the reconstruction and planning of cities and towns affected by the war in modern and sophisticated ways.