US coalition commander: We will cut off aid and support for Syria Democratic Forces if they get into alliance with Assad or Russia

Washington threatened on Sunday to cut off its military aid and support to the “Syria Democratic Forces”, in the event of its alliance with the Syrian government or Russia.

Lt. Gen. Paul LaCamera, the commander of the US-led coalition forces fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

LaCamera said the United States would have to cut off its military aid to the “Syria Democratic Forces” in the event of its alliance with the Syrian government or Russia, local media reported, including the New York Times revealed.

“We’ll continue to train and arm them as long as they remain our partners”.

Asked if US support would continue to SDF if they get into alliance with Assad came true, LaCamera simply responded with “no”.

He added: “Then the relationship will be broken, because they return to the Syrian regime, which we don’t have a relationship with him, or the Russians in the event that happened, then we’ll not be partners with them anymore”.

The US officer comments came after the efforts of leaders of the Syria Democratic Forces to hold talks with the Syrian government, in order to seek for protect their region after the US withdrawal, according to the same source.

From there part, Mr. Aldar Khalil, one of the SDF Kurdish leaders said in an interview with AFP in Paris, “The United States and the European countries have political and moral commitments”, pointing out that

“If they don’t stick with these comments, that means, they’re give up on us”.

“As France for example can propose to the Security Council to protect us: it can propose the deployment of an international force between us and the Turks, of which France is a part, or it can protect our airspace”, Khalil said.

“If the European countries and the United States do nothing, we’ll be forced to understand the Syrian regime to send military forces to the border to protect it”.

On December 19, Trump decided to withdraw his country’s troops from Syria on the pretext of winning the war against ISIS, but without setting a timetable.

US officials have estimated that the withdrawal from Syria could continue until March or April.