Reviving a secret US plan to sabotage the Iranian missiles programs!

The United States continues to strive to stop Iran’s ballistic missile development and manufacturing programs, which the New York Times reported that the US administration has been accelerating a secret program to sabotage Iranian missile manufacturing and development programs.

The secret program described by US officials as part of an expanded US campaign to undermine and isolate Iran’s capabilities.

According to the newspaper, the program was initiated under the administration of former US President George W. Bush and was based on leaking bad spare parts and corrupt materials to Iran’s missile program.

However the plan was put on hold in late President Barack Obama’s era, then the program was revived, and it was reinvigorated when Mike Pompeo appointed director of the Center Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2017.

This was confirmed by US President Donald Trump himself, during his announcement of the new missile defense strategy, when he spoke about the failure of the test launch of an Iranian missile.

Trump said that such a successful test would have given Iran intercontinental missile capability, which the United States would not allow.

The US president’s statement gives a clue to understand that Trump administration has to work on more than one track in order to deter Iran and thwart all its activities, which the US administration calls it a destabilizing in the region and the world.