After the British Foreign minister statement on the survival of Assad in power, Washington announces its abandonment of the demand for Assad’s resignation but doesn’t want him to regain control of the eastern regions of the country!

US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey revealed that the United States doesn’t demand Assad’s resignation but wants fundamental changes in Damascus policy.

The US special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, said during the Munich security conference that the United States doesn’t demand Assad’s resignation, but calls for fundamental changes in the policies of the authorities in Damascus.

Jeffrey said the United States don’t want the Syrian government to regain control of northeastern Syria.

“Our targets in north-east Syria haven’t changed.

It means maintaining security in the region, that is, we don’t want the regime to return there, because it doesn’t contribute to stability”.

Despite the withdrawal of troops, the United States will continue to fight ISIS.

“We retain the capabilities of the Air Force, and the ability to respond to the threats that arise with regard to the presence of advocacy groups”, he said.

The US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, revealed on Sunday the plan to be followed by the United States to withdraw from Syria in the coming period.

The US special envoy to Syria said the United States would not make a surprise and quick withdrawal from Syria and would consult closely with allies on the issue.

These US official statements came shortly after the British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt who said on a press interview that “Assad will remain in power in the short and long term”, adding, “Russia has to show us how it will provide a viable solution to the Syrians and how it will bring peace and stability to Syria”.

Hunt stressed that there is no plan for London to open its embassy in Damascus at the moment.