Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: An undeclared deal that ended the existence of the “Islamic state” over the territory of East Euphrates

Leading to the surrender of about 440 of the organization in two batches, as the SDF expect to announce the elimination of the organization within days

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday that the Islamic State Organization had ended its call on the east of the Euphrates to surrender the latter in an undeclared deal.

The Observatory said in a press statement today that the “Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF) continue the combing operations within the farms located in the vicinity of Al Baghouz in the eastern sector of the village of Deir Al Zour in search of hidden elements of the Islamic Organization / State / within the tunnels of the organization’s organizers to establish during the extension of his influence on the region”.

According to the observatory, the organization ends completely on the territory of the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

The Observatory pointed out that the end of the organization comes after the surrender of 200 of its elements in an undeclared deal so far.

The observatory pointed out that the deal led to the surrender of about 440 of the “Islamic State” in two installments, the first 240 and the second 200.

For its part, the SDF confirmed on Saturday that the announcement of the end of the organization of the Islamic state besieged in half a square kilometer in eastern Syria will be within days, the day after US President Donald Trump, the release of an important statement on the “Caliphate” within 24 hours.

The leader of the Syria Democratic Forces Campaign in Eastern Syria, Jia Furat, during a press conference held in the Omar oil field said “In a very short period of time, we will officially announce the end of the existence of a terrorist organization that announced in 2014 the establishment of the” Islamic caliphate “in the regions of the region, wide control of Syria and neighboring Iraq.

The organization, according to Furat, is trapped in a neighborhood in the town of Al Baghouz, which “has become under the firecrackers of our fighters” and is “completely extinguished and surrounded by a geographical area” estimated at half a square kilometer.

Since September, the SDF have been waging a military operation against the organization in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour.

And was able to expel him from all the villages and towns that were under his control, to be confined to the present part of the town of Baghuoz adjacent to the Iraqi border.

Furat said his forces were “moving cautiously as there are many civilians still being held as human shields” by jihadists.

The presence of civilians delays the demarcation of Syria’s democratic forces in the battle, as well as the presence of many tunnels in which the organization’s fighters are hiding.

“The presence of civilians in large numbers in the last spot under the control of the organization was a big surprise for us”, spokesman Adnan Afrin told AFP on Friday night.

He explained that they are “women and children from the families of the call, and are in the basements underground and in the tunnels”.

The international coalition in support of the SDF offensive has eased its air strikes on the organization’s last pocket.

“The fighting continues … but we still see hundreds of civilians trying to escape to safety”, spokesman Colonel. Sean Ryan told AFP on Saturday.

“The strikes have been reduced to help protect civilians and given the circumstances of the battlefield”, he said.

Since early December, military operations have pushed some 40,000 people out of areas under the control of the organization, most of them women and children from jihadist families, including about 3,800 suspected members of the group who have been arrested, the observatory said.

Civilians, including many wives and children of jihadists, are being transferred to camps in the north of the country after checking their identity and collecting initial information in the district near the town of Baghuoz, while suspected extremists are being arrested.