Russian warning to Israel … “respect the national sovereignty of Syria”

Russia warned the Israeli government of the consequences of continuing to launch air strikes on Syria, calling on Israel not to solve its security problems at the expense of others and respect for “the sovereignty of the Syrian state”.

“We refer to the harmful nature of all attempts to resolve security issues at the expense of the security and interests of other countries in the region and the tasks of eliminating the remaining bastions of terrorism in the Middle East”, Russian Ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov said Thursday.

Viktorov recalled that Russia had repeatedly informed Israel of its position on the Israeli military raids on Syria, whether through diplomatic channels or publicly.

“The Israelis make it clear that they are working in Syria against Iran’s attempts to be permanently stationed there militarily and to transfer modern weapons to Hezbollah.

We call upon all parties involved in this conflict to one degree or another, including Israel, to show restraint and avoid all actions that might complicate the situation”.

“We consider it necessary to unconditionally respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as a full member of the United Nations”, he said.