Press information about an agreement reached between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the International Coalition and the Islamic state organization to get the remaining fighters out of the last pocket in eastern Euphrates

According to press reports, an agreement between the “Syria Democratic Forces”,and the Washington-led international coalition and the organization of the “Islamic State” to get all left militants of organization out of its last area in eastern Euphrates.

Where the information stated that the organization of the Islamic state began counting the number of militants and processing out of the east of the Euphrates, while the destination is still elements of the organization is unknown, but it is likely that the gunmen will be transferred to the desert of Al Anbar or Al Tanf.

It is reported that the agreement includes the removal of civilians and the whole of the families of the fighters of the Islamic State Organization, in addition to the wounded and treatment and the handing over of prisoners to the International Coalition led by the United States of America.

Earlier in the week, an official from the “Syria Democratic Forces” said US-backed forces were preparing to attack the last Islamic state enclave in its area of ​​operations immediately after evacuating civilians inside the enclave.

During the last 24 hours, the Syrian Democratic Forces were to begin the final battle against the last pocket controlled by the organization.

The besieged enclave of the organization is located around the Al Baghuoz area on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, the last stronghold of the organization in this part of Syria, which the Syria Democratic Forces backed by the US-led international coalition still fighting.