The “yellow vests” protest for the twelfth consecutive row to condemn police violence in France

In the midst of controversy over the use of flashing balls, he pretends for the twelfth row in a row, shouting “yellow vests” in Paris, this time against police violence while other gatherings are expected to take place all over France.

Following the decision of the Council of State, France’s highest administrative court, to allow the use of flashing balls to continue in demonstrations, the protesters, who began their movements mainly against the social and tax policy of the government, decided to organize a “major march for the wounded” in the French capital to ban flashing balls and tear gas.

The calls for protest been posted on social media networks such as Facebook that the demonstrators are called to “put an end to the excessive force used by the government to silence the protest”, and to bring “bandages of the eye and others and staining their yellow vests in red”, referring to the blood.

The demonstrators in Paris, Lyon (central east) and Montpellier (south) intend to condemn the use of flash balls – the non-lethal bullets, which have used more than 9,200 times since the start of the protest movement and accused of causing serious injuries, including one of the leaders of the “yellow vests” Jerome Rodríg.

The group of activists “to disarm them” said that 20 people were seriously injured in the eye since 17 November.

The police administration is conducting 116 investigations, 10 of which are seriously injured in the eye, according to a police source.

In total, the authorities counted more than 1,900 wounded demonstrators and more than 1,200 members of the security forces.

Faced with controversy, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner admitted on Friday that the weapon could “injure” and promised to punish “abuses”, but defended its use to “confront the troublemakers”.

It is impossible to predict the size of Saturday’s 12th gathering after 69,000 protesters took part last Saturday and 84,000 on Saturday, according to Interior Ministry figures.

But protesters are constantly protesting these figures and accusing the Interior Ministry of reducing the size of the mobilization.