One third of the unemployed in Germany do not have enough money to provide food and many other requirements in full form!

Far from the issue of refugees in Germany, which remained at the forefront of news and public and official concerns in Germany, an official reports returned to appear number of crises and problems that Germany is already facing.

A European report confirmed that one out of every three unemployed in Germany doesn’t have enough money to provide the full value food needed.

According to the newspaper “Neue Osnabroker”, in its issue on Wednesday, the European poll revealed that 30.3% of the German unemployed cannot get a regular meal full of nutritional value.

One in three Germans over the age of 16 (30.4 percent) during the 2017 poll was unable to provide emergency expenses of 1,000 Euros in particular, such as repairing the car or buying a new washing machine, the report said.

The poll found that 16% of households in Germany lack the money to spend a week’s vacation each year.

According to the report, this part of the Germans declined during the past years, reaching 21% since 2017.