The French Minister of Economy: The only solution for Europe is unity in the face of China’s technological invasion and the irresponsible and hostile US policies toward us

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire made a strong statement in an interview with France Inter on Sunday.

“The European nations have no choice but to unite in front of China’s technological invasion, and the irresponsible and hostile American policies toward Europe”.

“There is no other solution, in the face of the danger of being besieged and crushed by China and the United States, by the unification of European powers”, Le Maire said in an interview with the Le Monde newspaper and France TV.

The minister stressed the establishment of an “independent European financial institution in the coming days composed of Britain, Germany and France”, in order to be able to continue trade with Iran under US sanctions across the border on Iran.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced Wednesday the establishment of the “private body” that will operate the barter system, which the Europeans spoke of in September.

Theoretically, it will act as an intermediary that enables European companies to trade with Iran without US sanctions, and allows Tehran to continue selling its oil.

“Europe is capable of progress, but it cannot resist US or Chinese power unless it is united”, Bruno Le Maire said.

“It also means that Europe and the European Commission must change their decision-making style, especially with regard to the merger of the two railway manufacturers, Alstom of France and Siemens of Germany.

“There is nothing, I repeat anything at all, justifies today the European Commission’s rejection” of the merger, he said, recalling that the two groups made further concessions to the Commission on Friday”.

Berlin and Paris have repeatedly demanded that Brussels accept the merger process.

The French and German governments say this is necessary to counter the growing strength of the Chinese giant who can compete with European groups without mercy.

On French-Italian tensions, Le Maire said that the Italian people are the “closest” European people to the French people, pointing to the strong economic ties between the two countries.

Le Maire also expressed support for a second British referendum on Brexit, which he called a “tragedy”.