Saturday night full of anticipation: When the entire Israeli media quoted & followed Hezbollah Secretary General TV interview

By Caucasus Patriot


It was Saturday night, a night full of excitement & excitement, after Al Mayadeen channel, which broadcasts from Lebanon, announced that it will broadcast an interview with Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, the interview that lasted for more than three hours.

Nasrallah’s absence from media appearances over the past two months was a mystery, with the spread of news & rumors about his condition, his health or that he have cancer to the one that assured that he’s dead.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah appeared in the interview very usual & normally & answered number of questions different issues related to the region.

From the discovery of tunnels in southern Lebanon to the possibility of war with Israel, the situation in Syria, the domestic Lebanese issue & the Middle East issues, including the war in Yemen and the ongoing political engagements in the region and the world.

The most prominent was that, the Israeli media broadcast the interview & analyzed everything he said, even the location where the interview took place with its tiniest details.

The Israelis have become accustomed to hearing the truth from Nasrallah, which is often hidden from them by their Israeli government.

This follow-up to Nasrallah’s interview stems from the fact that Israelis, particularly Israeli public opinion, trust & believe in his words far more than the statements of Israeli leaders.

Many polls in Israel have shown that at least 80 percent of Israelis believe Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s words, while only 20 percent believe only statements made by the Israeli government and the military leadership.

Although the Israeli media after the interview, tried to find Nasrallah’s weaknesses, but apparently couldn’t find what they are looking for.

Number of Israeli figures, were keen to continue spreading lies & rumors that had nothing to do with the health of Nasrallah until the man appeared before them in full health, talking openly (As much as possible without revealing secrets) about what they want to hear.

There is no doubt that the psychological war between Israel & Hezbollah has always been the case, which according to many observers, it was leaning in favor of Hezbollah in general.

However, the psychological war on the Israeli side is too expensive to resort to the use of vicious methods that reach the limit of filth & bail, which is justified in the atmosphere of conflict between the two sides, with Tel Aviv’s constant concern for the demilitarization of the Lebanese Hezbollah and its Secretary-General.

Of course, the Israeli media were preoccupied with the analysis after a number of shocks, which they heard from the Leader of Hezbollah, with the Israeli media tried to reassure & chill out the Israeli public opinion.

On the issue of the “Northern Shield” operation initiated by Israeli forces on the border with Lebanon to uncover the party’s tunnels, Israeli media analysts have made no effort to convince Israeli public opinion that Nasrallah’s recognition of tunnels is in fact a positive sign in which Israel has destroyed them, which means that , they had a major achievement.

In contrast, for example, military analyst Alon Ben-David expressed his shock at what the Secretary-General of Hezbollah said, which lied to the IDF’s account.

He confirmed that the tunnels discovered by the IDF existed prior to the 2006 war, which remained unknown to Israel until today, which in itself is a disaster & failure with excellence for the Israeli security & intelligence.

What is funny is that Al Mayadeen channel launched a Promotional campaign for the interview with Hezbollah Secretary General, that name it the (The dialogue of the year 2019) to show that the most interested & follow-up to the dialogue were the Israelis, who are mostly convinced of the rumors that were broadcast during the absence of Nasrallah’s appearance over the past two months , where the Israeli media & even the world with some Arab media broadcasted & spread rumors about the condition of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, to the level to say that he is dead, or that his health is in a very dangerous situation.

The response however, comes from Nasrallah, as he assured the Israelis that their leaders are liars & to inform them that all what they’re hearing is far from the truth.

On the other hand, IDF commanders were quoted as saying that Hassan Nasrallah was the enemy of the Jewish state & that if Israel managed to assassinate Nasrallah in the next military confrontation that would resolve the battle with Hezbollah, who is Israel’s most dangerous enemy.

Former chief of staff General Gadi Eisenkot, who received a lot of scorn from Nasrallah, responded by saying Nasrallah’s words were “baseless”.

He pointed out that Nasrallah’s long silence came after the failure of three projects of the party, where the tunnels were destroyed & the project obtaining high-tech missiles was sabotaged, as well as the failure of the construction of a second front in the Golan, as he put it.

General Eisenkot, who completed his duties at the beginning of the new year, after a long period of service, he restructured the army after the recent war on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014 & continued to face the Iranian military presence in Syria & before the end of his service he announced the operation to search & destroy the offensive tunnels from Lebanon into Israeli territory.

What Israelis should be aware of according to most Israeli analysts themselves, is that everything Nasrallah said in the interview must be taken very seriously.

The ongoing Israeli attacks in Syria will not remain with no respond.

Nasrallah’s statement was clear on this issue.

Nasrallah warned that Iran, Syria & Hezbollah were seriously considering retaliation for the repeated Israeli strikes carried out by the air force.

The truth revealed by Nasrallah in Syrian affairs is that the Israeli intervention in Syria has failed; therefore Israel hasn’t been able to ward off the dangers that threaten it.

On the contrary, these dangers are increasing in the light of confusion, chaos & the shortsightedness with the shallow arrogance of the Israeli leadership, especially the prime minister the “Showoff, Lover of spotlights” Mr. “Bibi”!

I believe that Israeli public opinion should not remain blind, with always put their fate & trust in their leaders who’re drowning in corruption.