Nancy Pelosi defeats Trump and dedicates herself as leader of the Democratic Party after her leadership caliber was questioned until recently

After the American public gathered that the biggest winner in the test of power over the “Government shutdown” of the federal departments is the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives.

Pelosi now is the leader of her party after her leadership capabilities were being questioned until recently.

When Pelosi spoke shortly after Donald Trump announced the temporary settlement on the government’s “shutdown”, she made sure to use thoughtful and balanced expressions far from any sense of vanity and victory.

Trump has been forced to accept the settlement without his basic demand for financing a wall between his country and Mexico.

Faced with the urgency of journalists asking her to comment on this clear political victory, the 70th was careful to avoid slipping into vanity, so she did not criticize the US president.

The overwhelming majority of analysts considered Pelosi the first winner to test the “Government shutdown” crisis.

“I’m very supportive of the president, but the things have to be named by their names”, said conservative software host Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Network.

“It’s a victory for Nancy Pelosi”.

Trump still has the support of a few supporters in the media, such as Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, who said, “All those who think the president is back do not know Donald Trump, whom I know.

He still has all the cards in his hand”.

Did Trump Pelosi Help?

Since the closure of government departments nearly a quarter of a century ago, it was the attitude of public opinion that determines the winner of this type of confrontation between Republicans and Democrats.

Prior to the recent budget and wall funding stalemate, opinion polls revealed the Americans’ great opposition to building the wall and their refusal to close.

After a section of government departments closed, polls revealed that most Americans blame Donald Trump for the crisis.

Faced with this reality, Nancy Pelosi rejected Trump’s proposals to end the crisis, even rejecting his proposal to bring the status of a class of immigrants into the discussion.

“Nancy Pelosi was the one who was supposed to die politically”, the conservative “The Daily Caller” said.

Instead it turned out that Trump had lost his charm”.

Pelosi, a 78-year-old from a long-standing family from Baltimore, has presented many politicians. During the government’s closure crisis, she worked with Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to bridge differences within the party.

A few weeks ago, many young Democrats in the Democratic Party launched a campaign against Pelosi, claiming they did not embody the forces of change needed within the party.

Trump’s administration tried to sow discord within the Democratic camp by inviting members of the House and Senate of the moderates to lunch at the White House, but they all refused to call.

“Our diversity is the source of our strength”, Pelosi said Friday.

“This is what the president seems to have underestimated”.

What happened during the closure is Trump’s promotion of Nancy Pelosi’s position as Speaker of the House and has helped her to do what she did not do before, that is to impose herself as a leader of the Democratic Party”, as Chuck Todd, who is a journalist at NBC network said.