What Syria might use to respond to the Israeli attacks?

By Syrializm Analytics


Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Bashar Al Jaafari, said that if the Security Council doesn’t take measures to stop the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, Syria will exercise its legitimate right to defend itself and respond to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Airport, by targeting Tel Aviv International Airport.

“Is it time for the Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop the repeated Israeli aggressions on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic?

Or is it necessary for Syria to draw the attention of the war-makers in this Council by exercising its legitimate right to defend itself”, Al Jaafari said during a UN Security Council session.

Syria “As self and as a response to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Civil Airport, we’ll do similar by targeting Tel Aviv airport”.

The question is What Syria might use to do so?

In fact, Syria has a dangerous and secret weapon capable of hitting any specific target and destroying Israeli air and missile defense systems.

The air defense systems Bastion and its most important weapon were sent to Syria in 2011 by the “Yakhont” (the export version of Onyx) capable of operating effectively, including on coastal sites.

Syria has at least two batteries from Bastion and is capable of striking a big blow.

That is, if a political decision is made, one morning, several missiles will simultaneously hit Mach 2.0 at a very low altitude to an area where an Israeli airbase is located and strike aircraft with high accuracy with warheads weighing 200 kilograms.

What are the effects?

We don’t know how the Americans will deal with this, but the Israeli leadership will have only two options.

The first is to resign, and the second is to start a ground operation in Syria.

As the experience of the Second Lebanon War shows, the IDF today is not the tremendous force that existed in the 1980s.

The IDF is still able to walk hundreds of kilometers across the Syrian desert, but it will not be able to fight several firing points, maintain contacts and fight the Syrian army at the same time.

What is Bastion?

The Bastion missile group is the most secret weapon in Syria’s possession and one of the most powerful weapons systems in the arsenal of the Syrian army.

There is no such weapon in the possession of Syria’s neighbors and most of the developed countries militarily.

The Bastion missiles group was assigned to the Coast Guard and combat hostile warships.

The Bastion missiles group destroys the target with the devastating 200-kilogram (200 kg) warhead.

The missile flies to the target at a height of 10 meters.

Even the large enemy ship 300 km from Bastion cannot remain intact after receiving hit by a Bastion missile.

It is impossible to detect and intercept such a missile by means of NATO.