The uprising of Arab tribes in Raqqa… the escape of the SDF after their headquarters burned in the south-west of Raqqa countryside

The Arab tribes in the south-western of Raqqa countryside against the Syria Democratic Forces, and their headquarters were burned along with the American forces, after being expelled from the region.

Taha Ali Mahmoud, the media person of the initiative of the “cubs of the homeland” told Sputnik: that the towns of Mansoura and Hnida and Al Safsafah and the farm of Al Safsafah witnessed an angry revolt from the tribes of Bukhmis and the Mukhtan and Bujabir against the Kurdish forces after the factions of the Kurds killed young Zain Hamed Zein and stabbed three other young men of the tribes.

For his part, the correspondent of Sputnik in Syria: “The people of these tribes attacked the Kurdish headquarters and burned and surrounded the Kurdish factions”.

He pointed out that the people of the towns of Al Safsafah and farm of Al Safsafah joined the attack launched by the people of Mansoura and Hnideh, and besieged the headquarters of the SDF and burned it, which caused the Kurdish forces in a state of panic caused them to withdraw from the towns mentioned.

The videos, which reached Sputnik, show the moment Kurdish militias, Asayish and so-called military police fled the towns through American Humvees, shooting in the air to terrorize the people.

In the same context, local sources told Al Khabar TV that elements of SDF committed on Wednesday morning a murder of a treachery against the young Hamed Al Zein Al Khamisi of the Tribes Al bokhmis “resident in the village of Jaidin, because the young man refused to hand over his car.

According to the sources close to the family of the deceased, who told Al Khabar TV the details of the crime committed by SDF militia Wednesday, it showed that the young man Hamed Zaben “Abu Hamed” on Wednesday morning at 8:30 am (local time), moved one of his children to Mansoura For treatment for being sick with his car “Hyundai” 1997 “.

“After he finished on his way home, I had to pass through one of SDF check point between Rusafa and Mansoura for inspection so that he could enter his village.

He was asked by the members of SDF for identification papers and personal papers for the car he was driving, and at the end of the conversation they asked him to give them his car.

The sources, according to persons who were close to him before the crime, that “the assassin” Abu Hamid “refused to hand over his car to SDF, and left the papers of his car with the elements of SDF and went to his car to drive.

The sources explained that “before riding the car, the elements of the barrier”, SDF “shot him with five shots, two of them in the back and three in the car, which led to his death, and left his sick daughter the worst case.

The sources pointed out that “the crime of killing left a great impact on the people of the deceased and the children of his clan, which led to an alert by the members of the Tribe Al bokhmis “face” SDF.

According to the sources, “the people of the deceased burned the check point and three cars to SDF, after the attack on their headquarters in Mansoura, which are stationed and besieged from three sides.

In the meantime, Syria’s democratic forces launched a “coup” on Tuesday, a raid and arrest of a number of people in the city of Raqqa on charges of dealing with the Syrian authorities.

The forces of SDF launched on Tuesday night, a campaign, arresting 7 people in the neighborhoods in Raqqa on charges of dealing with the Syrian security, and work on reconciliation with the Syrian government in the city of Raqqa.

Sources in the city says that the SDF also arrested five people in the northern Raqqa on charges of dealing with the Syrian authorities also and communicate with the leaders of Syria on reconciliation operations.

This step comes from SDF news from within the city about the intention of the Syrian government to meet the dignitaries of the tribes of Raqqa in the town of Athria, near the city of Hama.