A secret visit to Qasem Soleimani to Syria

The commander of the Quds Corps, which is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, General Qassem Soleimani, on 18 of this month a visit to the town of Al Gharieh Al Sharkya, in southern Syria, near the occupied Syrian Golan heights.

Al Gharieh Al Sharkya town is a town located in the governorate of Daraa, close to the Daraa-Damascus highway and not far away from the Nisib border crossing with Jordan, less than 40 kilometers from the ceasefire line in the Golan Heights.

According to the information, Soleimani’s visit was surrounded by highly secretive measures, which came only two days before the fall of a surface-to-surface missile, that Israel said, that Iranian, pro-allied or allied forces had fired it at a winter resort in the part of the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel, as a respond to the Israeli targeted several locations south of Syria, reportedly containing missiles recently installed by Tehran.

Sulaimani’s visit continued for two hours, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (local time), adding that the house which Sulaimani was in had monitored without any official Iranian or Syrian comment.

The source revealed that a leaky document showing the efforts of the Iranians and to build and establish a military presence in the south of Syria allows Tehran to hold a new bargain card, in order to a possibility of opening the Golan front against Israel in the event of an attack on its territory or any confrontation between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah take place.

In Tehran, a well-informed source said that, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council held a meeting on Monday night during which Suleiman presented a report on the Israeli strikes and his visit to Syria, from which he has just returned.

According to the source, Soleimani said that the Russians informed the Iranians of the targets that will be bombed by Israel half an hour earlier, and the evacuation of the sites was started immediately, and therefore they didn’t suffer nor do their allies many casualties due to the attack, except for some injuries during the evacuation process, as Soleimani say.

The source pointed out that the commander of the Iranian Quds Corps considered that the only way to stop the Israeli operations is to respond with three missiles for each missile, and try to shutdown Israeli aircraft even if they were in the Lebanese airspace, and stressed the need to pressure the Syrian government to respond to Israel, which their prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, adopted and acknowledged the strikes against Syria, so that will give the right for The Syrian government to respond  in accordance with international law.

The source pointed out that Soleimani saw that the response to the strikes inside the Israel will lead to the fall of Netanyahu in the elections scheduled for next April, or else he will continue to escalate to win, pointing out that it was decided at the end of the meeting for the Syrian government to respond to any new Israeli strikes, as well as informing the Russians that the Iranians will not comply with any red line, and if any strike was directed to the Iranian forces, they will respond accordingly.