Why do US soldiers wear black sunglasses?

We’re always and usually see the US soldiers wearing black sunglasses.

In most of the images, it’s always appearing the Us soldiers while wearing dark sunglasses, and often the color is black!

First, it must be known that these sunglasses are not necessarily comes in dark, and are crucial in the equipment kit that belongs to the US soldier.

This type of sunglasses is called “ballistic sunglasses”.

It is distinguished from regular sunglasses with anti-reflective coating as well as high hardness.

Ballistic sunglasses are made of polycarbonate, which can protect eyes not only from dust, but also from shrapnel and even bullets.

These sunglasses have three colors, dark lenses, colorless and yellow.

Why do we often see US soldiers wearing dark-colored glasses?

The reason is very simple, as US troops in general are active in warm and sunny countries, where the sun protection layer is added to this type of sunglasses, which gives it a dark color.

Interestingly, the use of “ballistic sunglasses” by US soldiers is mandatory, and the soldier can be punished if the sunglasses are removed during the period of service.