The Washington Examiner: Time to declare Turkey as a sponsor terrorism state

New evidence of the existence of Turkish support and sponsorship of terrorism in the region, especially in Syria revealed by the US newspaper the “Washington Examiner”.

Turkey, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan were funding terrorist organizations in the region, such as Al Qaeda and the Islamic state and cover up the crimes of its members with his intelligence services.

In an article entitled “Time to declare Turkey a state sponsor of terrorism”, the US newspaper explained that Erdogan’s government was involved in supporting a member of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization in Syria, Ibrahim Sin, who also formed a link between the Turkish government and Al Qaeda-linked the Somalia youth movement.

The information revealed by the US newspaper comes days after the Swedish website “Nordic Monitor” revealed that the Turkish intelligence helped a serious terrorist called “Abu Banat” listed on the list of sanctions by the International Security Council in 2015 and gave him a lot of facilities and in particular enabling him to enter through Turkish territory To Syria in 2012 to carry out crimes and terrorist acts in it, pointing out that the terrorist in question led an extremist group before joining the terrorist organization of the Islamic State later.

The Washington Examiner newspaper said in its article: “The terrorist “Sin” is currently detained in Pakistan was working side by side with officials of the Turkish intelligence service to oversee the terrorist groups in Syria.

Erdogan’s authorities, according to the newspaper, covered the crimes of the terrorist “Sin”, who worked for her in Syria in addition to covering up the transfer of large sums of money to the terrorist “Somali Youth Movement” in 2012.

The article says that, the authorities of Erdogan to close the investigation of the terrorist “Sin” in 2014 and the exclusion of heads of police, prosecutors and judges who were involved in the investigation, pointing out that telephone calls obtained by representatives of the Turkish claim revealed links between the “Sin” and the Turkish intelligence agency amid belief They have used many “humanitarian and human rights organizations” as a front to conceal shipments of support to terrorist groups in Syria.

The US newspaper provides further evidence of Erdogan’s support for the terrorist in question, particularly telephone conversations between the terrorist “Sin” and three Turkish aid workers focused on the use of ambulances to transport equipment to terrorists in Syria.

Turkish media revealed years ago that the Turkish intelligence service tried to deliver large quantities of weapons and ammunition to terrorist organizations in Syria after hiding them under shipments of drugs before arrest.

Erdogan’s government, according to many documents and sources from within Turkey, provided various forms of support for terrorist organizations in a number of countries in the region, particularly Syria and Libya, and on the territory of Turkey to the headquarters and passage of tens of thousands of terrorists to Syrian territory.

Besides, smuggling the Syrian oil from the Islamic State organization to Turkey.