Deutsche Welle: A new university majors in Germany “Spyware Science”

The word “MISS” in Germany doesn’t mean “Miss” in English!

In fact, the Miss in Germany stands for, Master of Intelligence and Security Studies.

This course will begin this January in Germany.

“There is no educational training for spying, there are no chases”, says Oy Borgoff, a professor at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, who heads this new discipline, in collaboration with Jean-Hendrik Dietrich of the Federal Institute.

“No training on how to jump over the surfaces”.

“Candidates deal with different subjects such as ethics, political problems or legal framework”.

“For me, this is an interesting discipline”, says Professor Borgoff.

This specialization includes subjects such as “Communication and Leadership in Intelligence” and “Specialized Research in the Science of Terrorism”, and also focuses on digital topics such as electronic defense.

At the end of this two-year master’s thesis, a master’s thesis of 100 pages is required.

Currently, civilians cannot study this discipline. A person wishing to register must belong to a German intelligence agency, such as the Federal Intelligence Service, the military or the police.

The spokesman for the German Army University confirms that the first year includes only 35 students, while declined to disclose how to distribute these students to various institutions.

“In this discipline there will be no ordinary type of students, because the building will only be opened by the students who have permission to enter, so the students have to undergo security tests sometimes”, says Borgoff.

“Those who are allowed to study are not selected solely on the basis of academic attainment, but through an advisory board of senior representatives of the Authority”.

Professor Borgoff notes that the first lines of this discipline were drawn four years ago.

Since then, a working group of the Federal Chancellery has supervised coordination between the participants, including the Ministries of Interior and Defense, in order to develop this specialization and to create a network that can link Different institutions would give positive radiation to this discipline.

“When staff from different institutions and the German army sits in a single room, this will have a positive impact on future cooperation between different institutions”, Borgoff explains.